Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Australia Day; Our day of pride.

So today is Australia Day. Today is the day we celebrate everything fantastic about our beautiful country & vow to keep it that way... Today we celebrate in parks, beaches, bars, backyards & pretty much anywhere else a group of 'Aussies' can gather together and chant AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE.... oi oi oi. We eat sausages, steaks, lamb all of course are straight off the 'barbie' (BBQ). We drink Aussie famous beers like XXXX Gold. We wear Australian flag tattoos/hats/shirts/thongs/shorts anything we can find, we even the wear actual flag as a cape! Those who have them proudly display their 'Southern Cross' tattoos. We celebrate being Australian, the freedom to dress how we like, believe in what we wish, the fact we live in a gorgeous free country and that we in fact live in the best country in the world.
We also celebrate the beautiful flora & fauna we are blessed with. Some of the most gorgeous animals I think in the world, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, echidnas, cute possums & bandicoots & they are just some of them!! We celebrate the fact we have so many beautiful famous landmarks, The Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, The Daintree, The Blue Mountains & of course the infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge (that Miss Oprah climbed!!) & The Opera House...
Well my celebrations for Australia day I think will be very small. Trent is working for the day & I think it'll be just me & the pets hanging out being thankful for how spoilt & lucky we are. 
Now in celebration for Australia Day I've included this funny video off of YouTube. Aussies are known for being able to laugh at ourselves, I think this 'song' by the Scared Weird Little Guys is just brilliant... It's hilarious. Let me know what you think...

Here are some 'Aussie Day' photos... Enjoy.
The most 'Australian' little friend I've ever had... Paddy the Wallaby I cared for last year...
Caring for our wildlife is very important. It's like helping out another type of 'injured Aussie'. Wildlife are one of the many things that make our Country beautiful. We HAVE to care for them!!
Like a typical Aussie, Paddy was a bit cheeky & lots of fun!!
Last Australia Day I spent it with Trent & My Sister. We went to the Heritage Village in Toowoomba. See the Aussie Flag tattoos!! :)
Now these next lot of pictures I do NOT own... I found them via Google. :)
I think every Australian is so proud of the Men & Women who leave their lives in Australia & go over seas to keep our country beautiful & free. We thank you. Those people are true Australians.
Australia we sparkle & stand out beside other countries!! :)
And like every other Australian even our wildlife sometimes love the beach!!
How awesome are these cupcakes... They are by Carousel Cupcakes.
The Australia Day uniform!!

'Happy Australia Day!! Today's a day we should be grateful for the fact we live in a free beautiful country where we can do, act, wear, believe in what we wish. Today we should be especially grateful that we live in a country that when tragedy strikes we group together to help out our fellow Aussies that are down & we help them back up. Have an awesome day everyone & be safe!!'
'Happy Australia Day... I think Australia is the only country where everyone is everyones mate, unless of course you are a wanker ;) Have a good one.'

These were my Australia Day messages on Facebook & Twitter this morning!!

Have a grouse day mate!! Love you all.


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