Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bucket loads of water = major flooding disasters

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, you would know the east coast of Australia; Queensland, northern New South Wales) have been experiencing some 'not typical summery weather'. We have been getting loads of rain, yesterday & today was the first 'sunny day' in ages for South East Queensland. Now with lots of rain comes flooding... The worst hit areas of Queensland are out West (Theodore, Condamine etc) & up in Central Queensland (Rockhampton, Bundaberg, the mining towns & Emerald). (This is going by my knowledge... there could be more worse affected areas...) Now Rockhampton, Blackwater & those small towns around that area are quiet familiar to me... I spent a lot of my late teenage life there. And to be reading on Facebook that friends are stuck in or out of town & have no way of getting to their desired places (especially for new years eve) is really sad. I think maybe Rockhampton airport is shut for a short while, bridges around the area are flooded & there is speculation some maybe broken/washed away. This is all very sad news. Especially when there is talk of the towns running out of milk, bread, fruit & veges and basic groceries as the trucks can't make it to the towns (the Government is now in meetings to discuss emergency food drops for the smaller cut off towns...) & that the a few towns water supplies could become contaminated shortly. The news is saying that Rockhampton could possibly be facing it's worst flood in history. The estimated damage bill thanks to the flood has been reported at being over a billion dollars. I have a friend who can't even make it home from her holiday and has been stranded in Central QLD since boxing day. I really pray all my friends stay safe, drive carefully & are all ok. 
I pray everyone affected by the floods remain in good health & uses common sense when dealing with flooded areas. I am so sick of hearing on the news of silly people that purposely walk through, play in & drive through flooded roads & bridges and then require emergency rescue.
Here are some photos from the other day when Trent & I went for a drive (he was sent home from work that day as half his crew couldn't come in as they were stranded & they didn't want to risk the guys being stranded out at the mine site...)
We felt so bad for these people, the water is almost at their shed
Flood waters at Oakey
Toowoomba - flooded in areas. (this was on the 28th)

These next photos are NOT taken by me (I wish the first one was, it's great!) I've given credit to the ones with names...
This amazing photo almost made me cry, it reminded me of Paddy & I pray he is ok. This little guy is stranded on a hay bale in Condamine QLD. Photo by; Anthony Skerman.
Forest Hill between Ipswich & Toowoomba.. Photo by Daniel Neucom
Someone being not very intelligent on the Kholo Bridge near Ipswich. Photo by; Kristy Clarke.
Chinchilla flooded. Just the other week I recieved a squirrel from Chinchilla I am glad I bought him & rescued him before he got flooded away... Photo by; Khryss
Wivenhoe dam floodgates open... Photo found on the Courier Mail website.

If your photo is listed on here & you don't approve let me know & it'll be removed.
I am praying everyone in the flood affected areas (& their families & pets) & all the wildlife are safe & get assistance soon.
Stay safe readers (& maybe buy a canoe or floaties)...

Hugh Hefner off the market... For real?

Hi all,
So as some of you may know I have been a huge fan of Playboy for quiet awhile. I think the whole concept of Playboy is empowering, it celebrates beautiful women. And I like the fact it's done (well some I've seen) are done in a tasteful manner. Anyway, the latest news to break from the Playboy Mansion where the bunnies hop free is that the bunny leader, the legendary & one & only Hugh 'Hef' Hefner (aged 84) proposed to his latest 'number one girlfriend' on Christmas - Crystal Harris (aged 24). Now that's a 60year age gap. Now Crystal is nice, she is one of my followers on Twitter & a friend on Facebook & seems like a sweet girl. So I hope everything works out for Crystal the way she plans, but....
 But I am sorry I have been a Holly Madison fan for a very long time (I own all the  Girls Next Doors DVDs S1-5, the book & Holly's 'bobblehead' doll) I think she is fantastic. Super pretty & very classy and she seems just so awesome. Anyway, Hef & Holly broke up awhile ago... Simply because Hef couldn't (because of his age I assume) get Holly pregnant as she wanted to be a Mum & he wouldn't commit to her by making their relationship more 'official'. I just think Holly is super cool, I would love to be as pretty as her, she is just fabulous... She now lives in Vegas and stars in a burlesque stage show called 'PeepShow' (that I would LOVE to travel to America & see) & has her own reality show 'Hollys World'.
Hef moved on as you do, to 3 new girlfriends; Crystal Harris (his bride-to be) & the twins (more on them soon).
Anyway there has been lots of speculation on how Crystal scored a proposal from Hef when Holly couldn't... One of the more interesting ones I have read is that she has a degree in psychology & can practice hypnotism... Which is actually quite interesting. Maybe this is how she also scored the role of playmate for herself along with those 2 twins. (when Holly, Bridget & Kendra could never could... And I am sorry, but the original GND are much prettier than those other 3). Speaking of the twins, argh... I really am not a fan, not only were they that trashy they got the boot out of the house, one now has a sex tape? I'm sorry all you have to do is google Karrissa & Kristina Shannon & every photo is just yuk there is even one of both of them kissing, um incest is gross... Anyway if this is seriously Hefs dream to marry Crystal I guess we should all wish him the best. Crystal seems sweet enough... But will a wedding actually happen? She obviously has a big enough rock to show off for now (personally I like my engagement ring better...)... So is it official is the Hef really off the market? I'm interested to see how long it last, I hope it last... But, you never know. Maybe third time lucky for the creator of Playboy?
The bling Miss Crystal Harris is now rocking on 'that finger'. Courtesy of Crystals twitter account.
Hef and Crystal.

The twins. No further comment. Lol
The original Girls Next Door. I think they are fabulous.
I own this issue of Playboy... Much to my little brothers delight. Lol
The girls that re-invented the Playboy name and basically dug the brand out of debt, Holly, Bridget & Kendra not only put their personal lives out into the public but they helped re-build a once great empire by creating a whole new target audience for the brand - young women.
The bobble heads...
My Holly Madison doll & I.
Holly and Hef. <3  
Holly, Bridget & Kendra.
The stunning Holly Madison.

Holly now has her own life & career with Peepshow & her own TV show & a few other business deals on the move. She is reportable upset by the engagement but I think she knows everyone is waiting on her reply & is to classy to speak out via a social networking site about this issue. She may have already spoken to Hef, who really knows. I hope Holly knows though that this blogger is Team Holly.

enjoyed this Playboy related post? Well let me know, I'm considering doing some more blogs perhaps on this similar topic (Next I'm thinking a book review of Kendras book...)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

In 2010 I....

So as I flick through blogs I am noticing a new trend, these new in ‘2010 I did...’ lists. So I figured I should have a crack at one, 2010 was a pretty impressive year for me...

In 2010 I....

Built an even stronger relationship with Trent. Stayed engaged to Trent. Travelled to Toowoomba A LOT to visit the family. Baked a lot. Went to Bridal Expos – the worlds most full on confusing place ever. Started my blog & got addicted. Got tickets at the last minute and went and saw Taylor Swift perform live in Brisbane – best night ever. Found a whip snake in my bedroom & had to remove it by myself (as I was home alone). Helped my Mum celebrate her birthday with a party. Successfully made a cob loaf. Started planning my wedding. Went to car shows & proudly stood beside our Pink Holden EK. Saw the Blind Side and LOVED it, best movie of 2010. Went to Sexpo in Brisbane – very, very strange. Found an unexpected friend in Trent’s ex-girlfriend from high school. Booked the church & reception for our wedding. Kept my braces on (against my will) I hate them. Learnt to be more domesticated. Finally took a trip out of Queensland. Won a trip to Sydney to see Gabriella Cilmi & Jason Derulo perform. Found an awesome & very inspirational blog, I read all the time by Kelle Hampton. Had a great Easter celebration with my family. Got my cat Mishka de-sexed. Got some goats. Fell in love with goats. Went to Outback Spectacular. Looked after Trent when he pretty much broke his shoulder by collapsing when on a ladder. Surprised Trent for his 21st birthday with a surprise party. Bought Trent an Armani watch for his 21st (& secretly wanted it). Visited the Cuckoo Clock factory in Cabarlah & the Bunya Mountains (twice!). Found a dog. Looked for the dog’s owner. Kept the dog after having no luck finding the owner? Love the new dog ‘Daisy’. Bought a pair of cowboy boots. Went with Trent & his family to Melbourne to celebrate his Grandfathers 80th. Finally caught up with my beautiful friend Ally in Melbourne. Bought my first Alannah Hill items. Hand raised an orphaned swamp wallaby & loved it and now miss him very, very much, but I have those memories for life. Believed again that there is a God or something more powerful than us out there, I believe in God, you can believe in what you like. Won a Wii & 50inch plasma. Packed up our life, sadly gave the goats away and moved to Toowoomba. Lived with my sister. Interviewed Ne*Yo with the hot30 countdown. Fell in love with Super Rooster (a Toowoomba take away store, best take away EVER!). Got souvenirs from Hong Kong from Trent’s parents. Won tickets to WinterBeatz – took my sister. Had some good times with my sister. Won more tickets to the Dreamworld launch party for Tower of Terror II – once again took my sister. Enjoyed the Toowoomba cold. Enjoyed all the cafes’ & cottages Toowoomba has. Fell in love with Toowoomba. Got into card making. Tried to get into sewing & quilting. Got my dream camera for my 22nd birthday. Celebrated my 21st birthday again (22) with my lovely family & got spoilt. Became a Grandma when Daisy gave birth to 5 puppies. Applied for a home loan with Trent. Got a home loan. Bought a beautiful house that we are so very proud of. Bought my very own brand new awesome washing machine. Had my Great Grandma pass away. Put Paddy (the wallaby) into a slow release program to be rehabilitated back into the wild. Sold the puppies. Got Daisy de-sexed. Bought Taylor Swifts latest album ‘Speak Now’. Get very hurt by someone who is meant to be there for me. Went to a Melbourne Cup luncheon with my Mum – we were ladies who lunch. Won ‘fashions in the field’ for Melbourne Cup. Celebrated with Trent that he got the new job he wanted. Got very sick & was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery. Now have 3 deadly scars (actually I don’t like them or think they are cool, I wish they would go away). Got out just in time to celebrate my brothers birthday. Picked two fabulous friends as bridesmaids. Was very hurt by someone’s attitude about my wedding. Found my bridesmaids dresses. Bought a killer red dress from Cue for Trent’s & Dads Christmas party. Was kept company by my younger brothers when they slept over. Got furious & upset at someone. Came to the realisation I can be sad about the way people are & treat me or I can just pray for them to become better people. Saw baby deer at the shopping centre & wanted one. Bought more squirrels to add to my squirrel collection. Celebrated Christmas with the people I love & got VERY spoilt. Spoilt my family with Christmas gifts. Finally made perfect meringues that were a massive hit with my family. Perfected the art of shortbread baking. Planned a trip away with my family & Trent for a few days in the new year. Felt so much love & support from my family. Loved the people that matter Trent, Mum, Dad, Lachlan & Tristan. Was super grateful to have such a blessed life & awesome pets (Duke, Daisy & Mishka). Am very grateful to have such fond memories of 2010, it was a big year for us Am very excited for my wedding in July 2011. Am super grateful to be going into 2011 with such a good attitude & such great people in my life. I don’t need the haters. Am very grateful that people read this blog.

Thank you x

(I seriously have a 1000 more things to add to this damn list... But I should stop now... Sorry if I left out any huge occasion...) x

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone!!
Well it's 1am on Christmas morning, Santa has been & delivered presents under our tree! *YAY*
Just would love to wish you all a very merry christmas & I hope you all have a beautiful day & stay very safe!!
Tonight I have baked a white chocolate mudcake in the shape of a Christmas tree for my family I really hope they enjoy it!!

Well I hope Santa spoils you & once again Merry Christmas & thank you so so much for reading.

Love you all... Bindy x
us last Christmas (2009)...
White chocolate mudcake Christmas tree before icing (pictures of after the icing will be up after Christmas!)
Santas been!
Yes we buy our pets 'Christmas dinner' ...
tons of presents for Trent & my family...
This MASSIVE gold one is mine... EXCITED to open it!
Lots of presents!!

Merry Christmas, be safe, be grateful, be kind & be generous.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Baking at midnight on the eve of Christmas eve!

Well it's the 23rd today well it just clicked to midnight so now it's Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas Eve bloggers, why am I up so late? Well I have meringues baking in the oven (oh I really hope they turn out!!) So far tonight I have also baked christmas star shortbread biscuits & handcrafter some Christmas cards for Trents family (we are seeing them, well today - Christmas Eve!)... :) Then tonight (like christmas eve night) I am attempting to bake a white chocolate christmas tree shaped mudcake!... I'll let you know how that goes. Well in the spirit of Christmas & giving/sharing I thought I would give (share) with you my shortbread recipe (it's pretty standard)
Christmas Shortbread -
You will need:
  • 175g or 1 1/2 cups of  plain (all purpose) flour
  • 125g or 3/4 cup of rice flour (it's in the baking aisle of the supermarker so I discovered today!)
  • 200g unsalted butter, softenend
  • 4 tablespoons of caster (super fine) sugar
  • extra caster sugar for sprinkling on the biscuits when they are baked
Preheat your oven to 190 degress celcius or 375degrees farenheit.
Grease/lay baking paper on the trays you are using.
In a separate bowl sift the two kinds of flour together  add a pinch of salt to the bowl.
In your mixing bowl cream your butter and sugar together until light & fluffy,

 then fold through the sifted flour mixture until combine. (I do this all by my mix master).

Lay out baking paper on a bench/table and put the dough onto the paper. Roll out flat with a rolling pin (I don't have one, I find my hands work just as well pressing it out). Now with a cookie cutter cut out shapes!! (If you don't want to do this, you can make it in a slice tray and just pre-cut little squares into the dough every 3cm). I just think stars look pretty!

Bake for 5 minutes, then reduce oven temerature to 150degrees celcius or 300degrees farenheit & cook for a further 15-20 minute or until shortbread is a light golden colour.

Now after you take them out of the oven you can lightly sprinkle caster sugar over the warm biscuits or you could sprinkle very fine lemon zest over the top (if using lemon zest bake for a further 5 minutes).
This makes about 50 or so stars...
Let me know if you attempt this & how it turns out ok
Enjoy. x

Oh and by the way heck yeah my meringues turned out damn awesome. Probably not perfect but pretty damn close!!
 Before they went in the oven (3 big trays of meringues!!)
In the oven..
The finished product!! So damn proud!
Ok well I am off now to try & get some sleep & to check on Trent (he has come down with a cold/flu) We are hoping it's gone by Christmas! If you want my meringue recipe just let me know & I'll do a blog on that!!
Have a great Christmas Eve guys...
I love you all. x