Thursday, 30 September 2010

1week old - A puppy update!

So now for a Puppy update!!

They are 1 week old today – Happy Birthday Puppies (& to me!) !!
The little pups are going soooo good. Even little Wiggles is getting bigger and stronger each day. These are not tiny pups & I think they will be quite sizeable dogs when they grow up! They are like little bricks at the moment. But Daisy is being such a good Mumma, just the other day I witnessed her hop in the kennel while they all were sleeping, pick up little Wiggles (the smallest of them all) clean and wake her up and feed her, then wake up the two more tanned puppies (the second smallest) clean them and then feed them and then just let the MASSIVE puppies wake on their own. How smart and motherly. I am so proud of her and how good she is handling this. I feel like a proud Mumma myself! It’s wonderful being able to go down to the kennel each day and pull them out for a snuggle and my family makes regular visits over to check them out and admire their size, markings, guess which one will be the pick of the litter & try to smuggle a puppy or two out of the yard (damn little brothers!) I love them all so much, at the moment they are still squeaking and carrying on, eyes and ears are still closed but they are so damn cute!!
So here are some snaps of these adorable little critters (& just so you are aware & maybe if you are interested they will be for sale at 6-8 weeks..) x
Some of the pups and me.
Oddles & oddles of puppies!!
Little Wiggles....
Mumma D
First she woke up Little Wiggles
Then the two tanned pups!
Cleaning time...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Paddington Melon update - 27.09.2010

Paddy my little swamp wallaby/black pademelon is getting bigger each day (& wanting to sleep less at night – his nocturnal nature is definitely shining through!)... He is now over 2.2kg! This is a big boy to be carrying around every day in a pouch & he is also wanting to get outside more & more each day (I do take him out, but hold onto him whilst he grazes on grasses but I don’t have a secure-wallaby proof fences *they need to be like 6foot or have a wire roof as they can bound over most fencing) but to me keeping him indoors most of the time is cruel! So I made the heart-breaking phone call to the next carer who is going to be taking care of him as she has better facilities for wallabies than I do (like a wallaby run so he can go outside freely). And we have come to an agreement that in about 2 ½ weeks (mid October) he will go down to his new ‘home’. So that is a little sad... But it is what is best for the little fella... We also have made a new development with Paddy he laps his milk out of bowl!! This makes feed time a billion times easier and safer than the bottle (even though he still likes to attack my legs when I fix the formula for him). But for now and the next 2 weeks I will just enjoy my time with the little guy. I know saying goodbye to him is going to be very hard and I will more than likely shed a few tears but doing this now will mean he will become a more independent and stronger wallaby and will survive in the wild better and adapt more quickly. I wish I could pack him a little back-pack with his food bowl, pouch, little treats and a map back to me, but I can’t... So I will try my hardest to be strong and hand him over to this new carer (she seems so lovely, her and her husband are caring for a few wallabies at the moment, so hopefully Paddington will fit in). Another thing Paddy enjoys doing at the moment is attacking poor Mishka, the poor thing (I personally think she cannot wait to be the only ‘indoor animal’ again). So here are of some of the latest photos of Mr. Paddington – Melon...
Paddy chewing on a stick!
Drinking milk from a bowl!!
Some 'mid-skip' photos!
Sleeping in the car on my arm.
Paddy & I
I wonder where Paddy is... Sometimes he is good at 'hide&seek' other times he sucks!
My beautiful little guy.