Thursday, 16 December 2010

'Tis the season to be FESTIVE... YAY

It's here, it's here, IT'S HERE!! (Ok picture me doing that whilst jumping up & down excitedly)... It is finally Christmas time. I love Christmas I really do. It's one of my favourite holidays. Christmas to me means, family, food, fun, decorating (YAY), being extra nice to people (even strangers. Saying 'Merry Christmas' at the check out etc) & most of all being happy. I swear this is one of the happiest times of the year. Well I always feel happier inside.
 I apologise for this blog being so late (my house has been decorated since before December 1st!) I've just had such a full on couple of weeks. With trying to get better, wedding stuff, house stuff, family stuff... The list is endless! But readers (if you exist...) I am sorry. I've just lately been battling this random exhaustion that I cannot get rid of, I don't know why but the smallest tasks feel massive & I'm always tired but cannot sleep!? Any suggestions on how to stop this problem?
** Went to the Doctor today, got blood tests taken & now have sleeping tablets (wasn't to keen on getting those, but I do need sleep!)**
Anyway enough negative crap, back to Christmas. I thought I would capture some snaps of our OWN home decorated for the season... This year we still only have our little tree (I figure I'm not rushing out to buy a new flash one when Mum is giving me her very lovely flash one after this Christmas!) I have a few new decorations this year & some new 'Christmas home wares'... All very exciting & I tried to take photos of everything the best I could... I really love Christmas, something just clicks inside of me. I get so excited. I like the idea of getting presents, I love surprises & opening gifts. But honestly my most favourite thing is watching someone elses face open a gift I have bought for them (especially when they aren't expecting it). I listen closely to what people mention around Christmas that they would like or even try to think up what I think they may like & try my hardest to buy it for them... Like my family, I know they insisted no gifts for them this year as we have just bought our first home (YAY that fact is still so surreal & exciting to us!!) but I can't help it, I still want to get each of them something, even if it is a smaller present than what I normally spend on them. I just love the excitement of it. Something inside of me just feels so good when I give someone a present I know they will want/enjoy/love. So I've done most of my Christmas shopping with only a few things left to purchase to complete peoples gifts. I have a small Christmas wish list this year...
  • A good quality picnic basket
  • New curtains for our bedroom
  • A picnic rug (a nice one)
  • A new kettle (mines on it's last leg)
  • Estee Lauder perfume
  • The Estee Lauder Christmas make-up kit (really pretty & so much stuff!)
  • A new phone (mine is fully stuffed, it sends people random messages!?)
  • New camera lenses (I'm dreaming, this is just incase any random super generous person would like to purchase me something LOL)
  • My sewing machine serviced & fixed.
  • A really pretty Guess bag I saw in a jewllery store, but now it's gone :(
  • My family to be all together & to erase all the negative family crap from the last 4 years.
  • My family to have a safe 2011 & to remain in good health & always remember how important our relationships with each other are.
  • Oh & if I'm dreaming of things, perhaps a Louis Vuitton bag collection (including a vintage trunk) a real life pet squirrel, a brand new MASSIVE stove, a jetski & oh perhaps a BMW or Mercedes (I'm not fussy, either will do!) & just an exotic overseas holiday.
Just a small list. HAHAHA. Anway, just thought I would write a small Christmas-y blog. I will try and do a few more in the coming week... But for now I should probably get my butt into gear finish off my hand made cards & finish writing out my other cards to send to friends & family!
Have a great festive season leading up to Christmas. I'll talk to you before Christmas though, promise.
Love you all.
Enjoy the pictures...
My new pretty table cloth & runner - LOVE IT!
My favourite decoration. Rudi - I bought him at Woolworths & customised him by giving him a red nose!
Our 'first home 2010' decoration - I LOVE IT!
My squirrel decoration (In case you are unaware I LOVE squirrels!)
My cute 'snow moose' ornament...
Mum & Dad bought me this one for Christmas when I was 11!
I bought this one this year for myself & Mum the same one... :)
The star on top of our tree...
Our tree...
Some of my Great Grandmothers Christmas decorations... <3
A Christmas decoration I was given in grade 1 from a school friend
 Merry Xmas!
Jingle Bells...
Our wall sticker ... Mr Reindeer.
My Christmas ornaments, I am searching for the perfect 'nativity scene'. Search is still going.
Christmas story favourites... The top one is a personalised Christmas book I got when I was little off of Mum & Dad <3
Trents Mum last Christmas gave us this pretty light up/music playing/snow falling book. It's so cute!
Some of my Christmas cards from lovely friends & family x
Merry Christmas... I hope your decorations are up!! x


  1. I love your wish list <3 xxxx

  2. Where did you get the light up/music Christmas book??

    1. My Mother in law bought it for me, but I believe it is from Avon :)


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