Sunday, 19 December 2010

Perhaps we should build an ark?

Well, this morning when I woke up (around 9:30am'ish) it was raining pretty heavy it's now 2:40pm & it looks like it has well and truly set in. This weather has been hanging around for quiet awhile now (over 3 weeks), rain, big storms & we even had a spot of hail the other day (it lasted about 4minutes in Toowoomba). As I type this I hear the rain pouring down on our roof & I can see it belting down outside onto our shed roof & backyard. The dogs are curled up at the back door step. (We have also discovered thanks to the recent thunderstorms Daisy is very scared of thunder) & Mishka is sleeping on my bed. The yard & plants are loving the rain. I am too, but I just wish it would give me a few sunny hours every few days so I could do our laundry. The weather right now is unseasonally cold, I am in jeans, a hoodie, socks & slippers! And I am still a little chilly. This weather is seriously only good for sleeping, movie watching, sipping coffee, going for long pointless drives & snuggling. But Trent is working until the 23rd of December. So I've been keeping myself entertained as I watch trashy reality TV shows (Keeping up with the Kardashians & Kendra) & trying to make my home made Christmas cards. All year I have had no trouble finding inspiration for other cards but now that we are at my most favourite holiday, I cannot make a single decent card! Zero creativity. It's depressing. I've now though written all my Christmas cards and mailed most of them off (late, yes I know. Next year I will be more organised) Well the rain is still pouring down outside, my brother is sleeping on the couch (he is meant to be here keeping me entertained, thanks Lachlan!). I hope this weather clears up so we can have a lovely warm (not disgustingly hot) Christmas day... Or I would be totally happy if it freakishly snowed on Christmas, I've never seen snow & always dreamt of a white Christmas. So I would also be happy with that :)
Anyway enjoy the rain. It's such weird weather, it's meant to be summer here in Australia (not that I am complaining) but it feels much more like Autumn/Winter...
Here are some 'rain' photos...
Rain in Highfields & on the drive home... Streets were like rivers...
Dirty muddy paws
Yes we blow dryed Duke (well tried to). He didn't seem to mind it all. He was so dirty & wet, we bathed him & dryed him off so he could be inside for awhile..

 Anyway I am off, perhaps I should build an ark. I'll save those I love & all the animals (except frogs, they can rot in hell. I hate frogs) And all the mean people can get washed away... Ahhh, I can only dream. ;)
Love you all.

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  1. That looks like July in the UK lol! Last night it got down to -9C here and its 10:30 now and just got up to -3C but its sunny and everywhere is white with frost, this is a nice winters day for us and is probably what it will be like for Christmas day.


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