Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone!!
Well it's 1am on Christmas morning, Santa has been & delivered presents under our tree! *YAY*
Just would love to wish you all a very merry christmas & I hope you all have a beautiful day & stay very safe!!
Tonight I have baked a white chocolate mudcake in the shape of a Christmas tree for my family I really hope they enjoy it!!

Well I hope Santa spoils you & once again Merry Christmas & thank you so so much for reading.

Love you all... Bindy x
us last Christmas (2009)...
White chocolate mudcake Christmas tree before icing (pictures of after the icing will be up after Christmas!)
Santas been!
Yes we buy our pets 'Christmas dinner' ...
tons of presents for Trent & my family...
This MASSIVE gold one is mine... EXCITED to open it!
Lots of presents!!

Merry Christmas, be safe, be grateful, be kind & be generous.

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