Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hugh Hefner off the market... For real?

Hi all,
So as some of you may know I have been a huge fan of Playboy for quiet awhile. I think the whole concept of Playboy is empowering, it celebrates beautiful women. And I like the fact it's done (well some I've seen) are done in a tasteful manner. Anyway, the latest news to break from the Playboy Mansion where the bunnies hop free is that the bunny leader, the legendary & one & only Hugh 'Hef' Hefner (aged 84) proposed to his latest 'number one girlfriend' on Christmas - Crystal Harris (aged 24). Now that's a 60year age gap. Now Crystal is nice, she is one of my followers on Twitter & a friend on Facebook & seems like a sweet girl. So I hope everything works out for Crystal the way she plans, but....
 But I am sorry I have been a Holly Madison fan for a very long time (I own all the  Girls Next Doors DVDs S1-5, the book & Holly's 'bobblehead' doll) I think she is fantastic. Super pretty & very classy and she seems just so awesome. Anyway, Hef & Holly broke up awhile ago... Simply because Hef couldn't (because of his age I assume) get Holly pregnant as she wanted to be a Mum & he wouldn't commit to her by making their relationship more 'official'. I just think Holly is super cool, I would love to be as pretty as her, she is just fabulous... She now lives in Vegas and stars in a burlesque stage show called 'PeepShow' (that I would LOVE to travel to America & see) & has her own reality show 'Hollys World'.
Hef moved on as you do, to 3 new girlfriends; Crystal Harris (his bride-to be) & the twins (more on them soon).
Anyway there has been lots of speculation on how Crystal scored a proposal from Hef when Holly couldn't... One of the more interesting ones I have read is that she has a degree in psychology & can practice hypnotism... Which is actually quite interesting. Maybe this is how she also scored the role of playmate for herself along with those 2 twins. (when Holly, Bridget & Kendra could never could... And I am sorry, but the original GND are much prettier than those other 3). Speaking of the twins, argh... I really am not a fan, not only were they that trashy they got the boot out of the house, one now has a sex tape? I'm sorry all you have to do is google Karrissa & Kristina Shannon & every photo is just yuk there is even one of both of them kissing, um incest is gross... Anyway if this is seriously Hefs dream to marry Crystal I guess we should all wish him the best. Crystal seems sweet enough... But will a wedding actually happen? She obviously has a big enough rock to show off for now (personally I like my engagement ring better...)... So is it official is the Hef really off the market? I'm interested to see how long it last, I hope it last... But, you never know. Maybe third time lucky for the creator of Playboy?
The bling Miss Crystal Harris is now rocking on 'that finger'. Courtesy of Crystals twitter account.
Hef and Crystal.

The twins. No further comment. Lol
The original Girls Next Door. I think they are fabulous.
I own this issue of Playboy... Much to my little brothers delight. Lol
The girls that re-invented the Playboy name and basically dug the brand out of debt, Holly, Bridget & Kendra not only put their personal lives out into the public but they helped re-build a once great empire by creating a whole new target audience for the brand - young women.
The bobble heads...
My Holly Madison doll & I.
Holly and Hef. <3  
Holly, Bridget & Kendra.
The stunning Holly Madison.

Holly now has her own life & career with Peepshow & her own TV show & a few other business deals on the move. She is reportable upset by the engagement but I think she knows everyone is waiting on her reply & is to classy to speak out via a social networking site about this issue. She may have already spoken to Hef, who really knows. I hope Holly knows though that this blogger is Team Holly.

enjoyed this Playboy related post? Well let me know, I'm considering doing some more blogs perhaps on this similar topic (Next I'm thinking a book review of Kendras book...)


  1. I vote Holly any day! She is perfection! Hef is a capital idiot I reckon! I dont understand it he was with her for years and now hes marrying this one! And I defs prefer the original GND they were fabulous. <3 Sel x

  2. I think Holly is perfect as well... I know, maybe the hypnotism speculation is correct, maybe that's how she got a proposal after such a short time LOL...
    Yes Original GND are awesome...
    <3 Bx

  3. So old, my goodness. Funny and little known fact. In the photo of Hef and the real GND in front of the Mansion, with the girls in shots...Kendra is actually photoshopped in! She was off running around and having huge issues with Holly. She refused to show up for the shoot so they had to add her in later : ) Just old FYI!

    1. Now that I look at this photo you can kind of tell it is photo shopped! Thanks for letting me know! x


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