Thursday, 23 December 2010

Food for thought... Merry Christmas!!

How are we all? Well it's some god for saken early hour of the morning & I can't sleep as Trent is on nightshift and I have a cat that likes to fly around my house freaking me the hell out & I have an over-active imagination... Anyway was scrolling through a random twitter account  <- THE LINK IS THERE... They are called 'Arise', good quotes but not the nicest of people I've dealt with on Twitter, seem a little obsessed with 'popularity'. Anyway this is one of those accounts that post random quotes etc... They are not bad, anyway tonight a certain person has been a bit on my mind (pretty much because it's almost Christmas & I think they may not bother coming home for Christmas or contacting any of us *text messages DO NOT count*, which is so sad) anyway, a few of these quotes I would like to post as some 'food for thought' for this person (kind of like a Christmas gift for their brain) just in case this person is reading...(I have a strange feeling you are) & I pray you realise that certain people in your life are worth a lot more than those who come & go.
Anyway here's some quotes, enjoy... x
  • #truth Love is powerful,people without it are weak!
  • #truth Most people r masters at dishing it out but r horrible with taking it.
  • #truth Some people r sleeping wit da enemy every night & dont even know it. Never compromise ur peace 4 company or financial support. **Take note**
  • #truth Some people are already in past relationships they just havent physically moved on!
  • #truth Just because someones says what u want to hear doesnt mean they r stimulating ur mind chances r theyre stimulating ur ego!
  • #Truth Sometimes wounds in ur life can never heal because your mouth wont allow them too!

  • #truth Sometimes you just have to lose some followers to gain the right ones!
  • #truth A relationship is someone u can relate to, a MARRIAGE is two people building together! There is a difference.
  • #truth You will always miss your opportunity's when you allow yourself to be mislead!!!
  • #truth Only hurt people hurt people!!!!
  • its better to be alone then be with bad company!!!
  • #truth lust is a compulsive emotion that most people mistake 4 love,if u can't tell the difference between the 2 its gone be a bumpy ride 4u
  • #truth when you try to air someones business out you are airing your immaturity out too!
  • Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than he who is crooked though he be rich. - Proverbs 28:6
  • #ihavenorespect for people who do not value the meaning of loyalty & family. Choose some1 over your family, that's the lowest & meanest act! (By me...)Well that's a fair few... Sorry for the random post, just bored & still not hurt just outraged at peoples actions & how dis-loyal people are... Any sorry about such a 'sad' post... Will try & get something more cheery up tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow I have SOO much to do, Christmas baking for our families, card making that I've left to the last minute (simply because I bloody can't find any inspiration!) & grocery shopping/last minute gift buying!! Argh it's chaos!! Lol, but it is Christmas... And I LOVE it.

What are your Christmas plans? Ours are; Christmas Eve in Ipswich with Trents family :) & then Christmas Day in Toowoomba with my family... I think it's split pretty even. Hopefully this crazy rainy weather doesn't flood the highway to Ipswich or that could be quite crap...
Love you all even the hurtful nasty mean ones... :)

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