Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Party time & fake tan tips!

Today is Thursday! YAY Trents last day at work & then I have like 5 days (I think) with him! I like this roster thing, works so many days & then get paid to have so many off, equal time rosters rock!! (I think it works out he really only works half the year & has half a year off in holidays!) Anyway, tomorrow is Trents companies Christmas party! I am very excited! My parents have been going to these big mining company Christmas parties for ages and I use to love seeing them get all dressed up & look fancy. Now this Christmas party isn't the fanciest one they throw (Mum & Dad just attended one in Brisbane which was strictly for the 'office/staff' people so it was VERY fancy) but this one is for everyone (so we get to go YAY) & I am so excited. Seriously, the only Christmas parties I have really attended have been a drinking weekend on an island when I use to bartend. Not very glamorous, it was fun but not how I envision Christmas parties. But when I was little Dads social club at work use to hold a Christmas party for the families at a local waterpark & they were GREAT, we use to love going & getting Dad to take us on the big slides and then Santa would come with awesome presents for us! But now tomorrow evening we will be getting all fancied up for a Christmas soiree. I am so excited. But... I HAVE NOTHING to bloody wear! I know you are thinking yeah right... (I am thinking that too! I have waay to many clothes!) But, since I just had my stomach delightfully cut open in 3 places I need something loose. (So this now cancels out almost everything in my wardrobe, I can't even wear tight jeans!) So shortly the Mother will be over and I think we are going to head into the shopping centre & attempt to find me a nice maxi dress or perhaps a nice soft (Christmas-y colored hopefully) top to go with these really nice white pants I just bought...!
*** I was writing most of this blog this morning, then Mum came. We have just been shopping & bought they prettiest red Chritmas-y dress! I love it. It's from Cue & it's gorgeous!! Very pleased, maybe a little uncomfortable. But it's such a classic dress, I can wear it almost every Christmas (just change the accessories) & it's also wearable to weddings, fancy parties etc. I LOVE IT!***
My Mum looking very pretty back when I was younger in one her Xmas party dresses.
 I love this dress! It's so nice!
Dad & Mum at their Christmas party the other year. Which was held at movie world. Very cool! I like Mums classic white suit, it is a great suit & will be timeless!
 Anyway... I am also getting my first spray tan in like over a year tonight. I use to get a spray tans in Rockhampton quiet regularly, but this was when I had a spray tanner I trusted, she used a good product & was wonderful! So now I've had to track down someone who uses SunFX tan in Toowoomba (not an easy task, trust me!) So hopefully this tan turns out as well as the ones Courtney use to do. Now before you recieve a tan there are somethings you should do before hand;
  • Exfoliate (to remove any dead skin so the tan is going onto fresh skin focus on dry skin areas i.e; knees, elbows, shins etc)
  • Shave/Wax (if you shave after your tan, your tan will come off! Shaving also removes a layer of skin whilst cutting the hair, waxing does the same thing to skin but removes the hair)
  • Remove any make up/moisturisers/perfumes etc (they can affect how the tan turns out)
  • Remove all jewllery (or they will leave white places where it was)
Now a word of advice, shaving/waxing is VERY hard when you have just had surgery. It's just a bit hard to bend with my stomach. So it took me so long to do...
After my tans I always wait the suggested 8 hours before a shower (so I sleep in my tan). I get mine down at night & I prefer tanners who come to my house as you can hope straight into comfy clothes & not worry about sitting in cars and then walking outside (as rain/sweat will ruin your tan!). Whilst showering try never to scrub the skin (as once again your tan will come off!). So just lightly use body wash to clean yourself & then after your shower moisturise your whole body with a good quality moisturiser (Palmers, Sorbolene etc). I find doing this makes the tan last longer as it's pro-longing the life of your layer of skin, which means the tan stays on longer (a well cared for tan can often last 2+ weeks). If you let your skin get really dry and gross your tan will start looking splotchy & freckly (this still may happen towards the end, I normally exfoliate it all off when I start seeing this look). Try not to do anything that will make you sweat heaps, I found when I lived in Rockhampton as it gets really warm my 'hot spots' (behind knees, elbows & underarms) my tan would come off quiet quickly. As you sweat & the skin can touch (bending etc) the tan just rubs off. Not good!
This was me before the races aggess ago in Rockhampton with a SunFX tan. I really was always happy with the tans by my spray tanner. She was always professional (a big help!) & knew what would suit my skin. And that if you do modelling always go darker!! As the lights on stage will make you seem paler!! (Good tip I learnt from her!).
Now I know I've said I haven't faked tanned in ages, so these are just my tips. I'm not a tanner (I would like to be) but this is just what I've learnt since having a fair few done! I've had a fair share of tanning disasters & I'm sure we all have seen those celeb photos of bad tannings. :( Not cool! (legs wayy to orange etc). I find 'tans in a can' often are the things to avoid as these are the ones that can send you orange! As can having a spray tan done at a level that is way to dark for your natural skin color! One thing I HATE, is girls that look like sparkly carrots! It's weird!!
Oh No Lindsay can you not see your WHITE feet?!  I'm confused as to how she did this, did she wear socks whilst tanning?
Anna Hathaway filming for Bride Wars. An EXTREME example of bad tan! LOL.
 Anyway... At any big event I've had since I've been living down in South East QLD (21st, engagement, parties etc) I've tanned myself using Sally Hansen Airbrush legs (in medium glow)! It's quiet thick and you do need to blend it, but I find it to be the best stuff. I use to use it before modelling & still use it if I'm going out somewhere. It's a bit pricey (I think $20+ for one 75ml can), but it lasts for ages!! It's brilliant I love it! But it's not long lasting, it'll last maybe 2 days on my skin. (But I do scrub it off, I don't like the feeling of colgged pores. This sounds crazy but I can swear I feel a bit 'caked on' & dirty if I leave it for to long!) But the product gives an amazing finish. It's look photoshop for real life :)
This is the magic tan in a can I love! I normally go with the 2nd from the left, 'medium glow'.
These photos are from last year & I'm wearing the Sally Hansen tan. (my engagement party -red- & 21st -pink) I am very pale normally & I think the color of this tan, looks just nice...
This was before Trents cousins wedding. And this is (I think) a good shot to show how even/nice it covers the skin. The color all over is good & the coverage is great! It covers any freckles, strech marks & uneven skin tone. And NEVER looks orange! It's great. I find the 'tan in a can' stuff can often come out orange. As this is like 'make up in a can' it's always the same color. So it's GREAT!!

Anyway, I best be off to shower & prepare for my tan! I'll be pin curling my hair tonight in preparation for tomorrow nights events! If you want to know how I pin curl my hair check THIS out.. It's super easy!!
Thanks for reading... Let me know if you are going to any Christmas parties, what are you wearing? And do you have a fake tan brand preference?! And any horror stories :)


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