Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bucket loads of water = major flooding disasters

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, you would know the east coast of Australia; Queensland, northern New South Wales) have been experiencing some 'not typical summery weather'. We have been getting loads of rain, yesterday & today was the first 'sunny day' in ages for South East Queensland. Now with lots of rain comes flooding... The worst hit areas of Queensland are out West (Theodore, Condamine etc) & up in Central Queensland (Rockhampton, Bundaberg, the mining towns & Emerald). (This is going by my knowledge... there could be more worse affected areas...) Now Rockhampton, Blackwater & those small towns around that area are quiet familiar to me... I spent a lot of my late teenage life there. And to be reading on Facebook that friends are stuck in or out of town & have no way of getting to their desired places (especially for new years eve) is really sad. I think maybe Rockhampton airport is shut for a short while, bridges around the area are flooded & there is speculation some maybe broken/washed away. This is all very sad news. Especially when there is talk of the towns running out of milk, bread, fruit & veges and basic groceries as the trucks can't make it to the towns (the Government is now in meetings to discuss emergency food drops for the smaller cut off towns...) & that the a few towns water supplies could become contaminated shortly. The news is saying that Rockhampton could possibly be facing it's worst flood in history. The estimated damage bill thanks to the flood has been reported at being over a billion dollars. I have a friend who can't even make it home from her holiday and has been stranded in Central QLD since boxing day. I really pray all my friends stay safe, drive carefully & are all ok. 
I pray everyone affected by the floods remain in good health & uses common sense when dealing with flooded areas. I am so sick of hearing on the news of silly people that purposely walk through, play in & drive through flooded roads & bridges and then require emergency rescue.
Here are some photos from the other day when Trent & I went for a drive (he was sent home from work that day as half his crew couldn't come in as they were stranded & they didn't want to risk the guys being stranded out at the mine site...)
We felt so bad for these people, the water is almost at their shed
Flood waters at Oakey
Toowoomba - flooded in areas. (this was on the 28th)

These next photos are NOT taken by me (I wish the first one was, it's great!) I've given credit to the ones with names...
This amazing photo almost made me cry, it reminded me of Paddy & I pray he is ok. This little guy is stranded on a hay bale in Condamine QLD. Photo by; Anthony Skerman.
Forest Hill between Ipswich & Toowoomba.. Photo by Daniel Neucom
Someone being not very intelligent on the Kholo Bridge near Ipswich. Photo by; Kristy Clarke.
Chinchilla flooded. Just the other week I recieved a squirrel from Chinchilla I am glad I bought him & rescued him before he got flooded away... Photo by; Khryss
Wivenhoe dam floodgates open... Photo found on the Courier Mail website.

If your photo is listed on here & you don't approve let me know & it'll be removed.
I am praying everyone in the flood affected areas (& their families & pets) & all the wildlife are safe & get assistance soon.
Stay safe readers (& maybe buy a canoe or floaties)...

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