Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sick of being sick. Operation get Bindy well

So I’m sure if you are on my Facebook you have heard that since last Thursday I have been in hospital... So this past couple days have been ZERO fun for me. So it all started well I guess Wednesday, I had no energy I felt like doing nothing and was mega tired. Which I just wrote off as exhaustion from moving, unpacking etc. Anyway, Thursday morning I was woken up at 4:30am with twisting stomach cramps. These were so, so bad that I seriously couldn’t even move out of the foetal position, I woke Trent up so he could get me a heat pack & I went back to sleep in so much damn pain it was not funny. Then I woke up & went about my usual day to day stuff, but I had a throbbing pain constantly in my stomach area. I seriously couldn’t do anything, I was trying to do laundry but then I would peg clothes out for like less than 2 minutes than have to have a sit down for awhile on the stairs because I had no energy and was in so much pain. I ended up calling my Mum (who doesn’t call their Mum when they are sick?). And she wanted straight up for me to visit the Doctor, I don’t really like Doctors (no offence to any Doctors, I’m just scared of needles). So I had a hot shower, some boiled water & tried to have a nap. (The nap was unsuccessful thanks to the stupid dog a few houses up that barks at NOTHING!). Anyway I called Mummsie back and she said she was on her way over and we were going to an afterhours Doctor (since it was already about 5pm I think). The Doctor examined me and sent me straight to Emergency at one of the local hospitals up here in Toowoomba. There they did all these tests, pushing on my stomach, blood tests, ultra sounds, walking, jumping & pretty much anything else medically test like you can think of. Not fun. Especially the blood test as I am SUPER scared, like more than scared, petrified of needles. Fun for Trent and Mum who had to stand there & attempt to distract me while I cried. I was just so exhausted & STARVING. I hadn’t eaten since lunch. And I have a HUGE appetite, so it was now around dinner time, so I was craving food. But no one would let me eat, so I was cranky, tired, starving & so upset and scared. The end result was that first thing in the morning I would be rushed into emergency surgery for laparoscopic surgery. Nothing major but not surgery to be written off as nothing.
So before I finally get into a hospital bed it’s around midnight & Trent and Mum have gone home to get me my essentials (stuffed toy, pjs, toothbrush, pillow, hair brush, underwear etc) I finally get 4 sandwiches. That’s it, like I mean 4 lousy triangles of bread with stuff on them... So I went to bed still hungry, but I had to fast for my surgery that morning.
So Friday morning rolls around and after a pretty stressful night’s sleep (well fair to say not a lot of sleep happened) I am told I have to have a shower. So that’s all good, off I go to shower. But then everything was black & blurry and spinning & I was being sick, so I had to buzz for the nurse who helped me back to bed. Now I only remember snippets from that Friday morning, I remember lying in bed being asked lots of questions & people yelling my name. And there were a bunch of people (Trent said the room was full, like 6 or 8 Doctors/Nurses) around my bed, trying to take my blood pressure, temperature, put little sticker things on my chest. It turns out I scared the life out of them as my blood pressure dropped rapidly to like something over 40 & then something over 20. And it was just going crazy. Trent was in the room at this time (Mum was running late luckily, I don’t think I would like her to see me like that) and Trent said I was that pale I looked grey. He said it was actually quite scary to see me so sick. Anyway all this drama continued in the room (I honestly think I was passing in & out of consciousness as I remember only a lot of people yelling my name?). Then I remember being rushed downstairs to the surgery area, I said a brief goodbye to Trent there (from this memory I can tell I really must’ve been very sick, as before most traumatic medical things or even a simple needle I get quiet freaked out, for this I just really didn’t care, I just wanted it all to be over with). I went into the theatre area, where once again something must’ve happened as I remember them putting an oxygen mask on me yelling at me to breathe, yelling my name & I don’t even remember them telling me to count backwards or anything. Then I woke up in recovery & ask the nurse if they got out what they were looking for & he said they did and that I was very lucky it was removed there and then as it was pretty ugly, my reply I think was something along the lines of 'that's good, I'm going back to sleep now' (I slept a lot after the operation). Then I woke up in my room and 2 minutes later Trent & Mum walked in, Trent was holding a HUGE beautiful Christmas reindeer/moose cuddly toy & Mum bought me such a pretty blue playboy bra that I’ve wanted for awhile, so YAY for presents. But that whole day was a blur to me; as I write this I am trying to mentally piece together the events of the day. It was very scary time for me as it was my first major operation & how very, very sick I was is now very clear to me, as normally I would’ve ‘carried on’ quite a bit before surgery (tears, shaking, trying to get out of it etc). But I think I just wanted to get better and just was almost oblivious to what was going on around me.
That night my Dad came back up with my Mum and my little brothers and they bought me a big bunch of beautiful flowers and sat beside me and chatted for a few hours. Spending time with my family made me feel a lot better.
The next day was the Saturday & finally I was allowed to go home in the afternoon! I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed, bath in my OWN shower; it’s just relaxing to be in your OWN home.
 Thank you Mum for looking after me so well (she has been here yesterday running around cleaning, washing & making sure I am ok & today again to check on me & take me back to her place for dinner... I appreciate it so very much). Thank you also to my gorgeous fiancee’ Trent who I would be lost without. Thanks for loving me when I seriously looked like I was dead. Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who wrote ‘get well’ comments on Facebook and Twittter. I appreciate it & each one made me smile whilst I was in hospital.

Today I went for a blood pressure check up & sadly enough my blood pressure is still very low & it freaked out the poor girl who was taking it (it also scared poor Mum!). My stomach & cuts are still very tender & sore, but I am feeling worlds better than I was on Thursday/Friday. So I am praying I recover quickly (your prays may help to!) I am so sick of not being able to do anything!! Anyway I should be off to get more rest. I promise I am going to try and write more blogs. I’m sorry I’ve been so slack, just moving house, not having internet & now being sick really sets me back!! (I know I shouldn't make excuses!!)



  1. Awwww darlin...operations suck hard...and especially for it all to happen they way it did. I can't say I much like doctors either...when I was pregnant I started bleeding and got a little bit worried...but thought id sleep on it and hopefully it was nothing dangerous...I woke up a little later with stabbing pains and went straight to the hospital...they made me wait in emergency for 2 hours before they would see me...needless to say I was crying by this time....they call me in and I'm being treated by a student who knows nothing...and after an embarassing and painful examination they inform me that my cervix has opened and I'm having a miscarriage...that there is nothing they could do but send me home and tell me to lay down for a week and hope it fixes itself. I cried for 3 days and hurt physically for a week while my body clensed...buuttt because of all that...I hate hospitals for taking away my happiness...and for not doing a proper after examination...I ended up getting a severe infection which threatened my uterus...it was horrible!!! So in a way I feel your pain...although the only thing out topics have in common are hopsitals.... get better darlin xoxo

  2. aw wow my operation is nothing in comparision to yours, I would hate to have to go through that... That is terrible!! I hope you are ok. That would ruin me physically & mentally, I hope you are ok now. xx

  3. Sounds like you've had a terrible week Bindy =( I really hope you get better soon! xo

  4. *hugs* I hope you feel much better soon <3

  5. Ahhhh yeah it wasn't easy but my man loves me...and we got through it...still hard...we had been trying for 3 years...and cry...I thought id never be happy again...but its all good. Everything happens for a reason... hope your feeling better babes :)

  6. Thanks to Kaylee & Violet for the get wells. I'm getting better :)
    F.orgotten; that is really sad, I truly hope you are ok, it would be tough! It's good that you are thinking positively. <3 x Thanks for all the well wishes.


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