Sunday, 7 November 2010

Paddington Melons new home...

Ok so I’ve finally edited and uploaded the final photos of Paddy. Looking back on these photos (well any photos of him really) makes me quiet sad, as I really miss his presence around the house. But it had to be done, you cannot keep a wild animal as a pet! Speaking of wild animals I just recently got a phone call from the Ipswich Koala Association asking me if I would like to take on a baby possum. I had to politely decline as we are in the midst of moving into our first home, but perhaps after Christmas I can get one!? We will see though... (I may have already picked out a possum name, ‘Flower’)...

So these are few of the last photos I got to take of Paddy and some photos of Paddy’s new home... It is very nice he now has a big shed to bounce around in as well as an outdoor area that he accesses through a little cat flap (I was very proud he instantly knew how to use it!)....

Enjoy. X
Little hands, big feet.
Cheeky thing hopped into the dog food box. (he loves pet food biscuits...)
Drinking his milk... His last bowl at home.
Trent saying bye to Paddy at home, before we drove him to his new carers...
Paddy and I before we set off on our car trip :(
Me saying Bye to Paddy... Fair to say I am not looking the camera because I am crying, I was so choked up I could barely speak to the lovely new carers at this point... :(
Trent saying bye to Paddy <3
Paddy in his pouch with his room mate 'Squirt' checking him out...
Paddy outside in his new enclosure...
My beautiful little Melon...

Until next time... Have fun :)


  1. Hi Bindy,

    Paddy is so cute and you must feel so proud to have been able to have such a huge and fulfilling role in his life. Sucks that you had to give him up! But at least he'll be happy in his new home, and get to be free and wild when he's ready =) I'm planning on becoming a wildlife carer in the future, when I get my own place. No room or resources for it at the moment, but it's always been a dream!

    I pretty much just read your whole blog (in the past couple of days lol) and I'm happy things have changed so much for you (for the better) since I saw you last!

    Congratulations on your engagement (I think I already congratulated you on FB when you announced it but oh well, once more won't hurt!) Your ring is gorgeous and you and Trent look very happy together! He sounds like such a wonderful guy too!


  2. Hey Kaylee,
    Thanks for the blog love - I appreciate it :)
    Paddy was very rewarding to care for... I want to care for more, but yes resources & zero funding for carers suck!!
    Hope your life is great!!
    Trent is lovely and thanks for thwe well wishes...

    Miss you.

  3. Yes I completely agree there, it really sucks that carers get nothing! And yet, plenty of people who don't deserve it get handouts! Don't even get me started lol

    My life is doing okay. Could be better at the moment but as the song goes, I know there are better days ahead! =)

    Miss you too xx


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