Saturday, 16 October 2010

Puppies venture out of the kennel!

So the other day we finally had some sunlight! *YAY* So I took full advantage of it before the rain re-appeared and took the puppies for their first 'outdoor adventure'... They seem to enjoy it, they were like tiny little lawn grubs crawling/walking everywhere. Very cute!
Here are some photos first of all from their first adventure out on the grass...

Enjoy. x

The first step - on the landing of the kennel.
One of the 'bigger pups'! (Male)
Mumma D. looking after her babies
Off for a walk... male
The two biggest pups. Black & white... & HUGE. Both Males
*YAWN* both males.
Lawn grubs 
All the puppies; male, female, male, male & female (Wiggles)
Puppies playing...

More photos to come...
Next blog; puppies inside... (I've had to bring them all in due to the insane weather here, it's spring and like FREEZING cold!)



  1. The puppies are growing very fast and they look really cute. Mum looks proud of them too.

  2. Thanks Rob. Yes Daisy is proud, but I think the poor thing is so over them! She hides sometimes & lets them play on their own!
    I love having them though...



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