Monday, 4 October 2010

My 2nd 21st Birthday ;) (30.09.1988)

Hello all!!

Well I am trying harder to blog more often I have so many catch up blogs to do (like card making stuff, collections, my favourite shoes...) But I’ll get to them another time, for now this blog is about  my 22nd (or 21st II) birthday!!

The night before my birthday I spent some of it with my Mum; we got Chinese take-away and watched Glee (the Britney episode!) & a movie ‘The Back-up plan’ which is pretty funny, that night I also won 4 tickets to SummerBeatz in Brisbane (YAY!!) so I am hoping to take Trent & my 2 little brothers this time, she also gave me an early birthday present ‘a new set of wheels’! Well kind of; she actually gave me a washing trolley for our new house (Trent & I are currently first home shopping – EXCITING!). I wrote that on my Facebook to stir up all these ‘haters’ I have on there that constantly bitch and whinge about me being happy in life or ‘winning’ competitions (it’s also interesting to see what people talk to you to only find out information), you should’ve seen the responses bah aha jealously is a curse. Anyway, I am not a spoilt child & I think if my parents ever bought me a car I would faint! So I thank my Mumma for a lovely thoughtful gift, then I headed off home, as normal I stayed up to midnight the night before so I was like YAY midnight my birthday!! And Trent texted me from work (as he was on night shift!) & I opened his really sweet card he got me for my birthday... Then I went to sleep.... Woke up the next morning expecting what I expect every birthday; to feel ridiculously tons older or have terribly obvious wrinkles – nope no change, 22 feels like 21... So I was happy YAY still young! I found my birthday card from my sister (thanks Noodle!) & I just relaxed for the morning. So I let Trent have a sleep and then we headed off into to town to see if the coolest place in Toowoomba (in my opinion) the ‘Boogie Shack’ (it’s like a 1950’s diner with a vintage store connected) was open, it must’ve been my birthday luck it was open!! YAY. This place is so funky and cool. We got burgers and drinks (a coke float or ‘spider’ for me & a chocolate thick shake for Trent). And the food was actually pretty good! Definitely be returning soon! So we head back home for me to prepare for my ‘birthday dinner’ with the family. I decided we would all go to Hogs Breath for dinner. So I put on my new top from Milk & Honey that I received earlier in September (I had won $500 worth of clothing from them, it finally arrived in September, so I deemed them birthday gifts!) and white jeans and my ‘birthday heels’ from Peeptoe shoes and went to my parents house. I was greeted by a nice large parcel; I open the paper and it’s a beautiful mocha coloured fluffy towel set that include some HUGE towels! (YAY – seriously I need all new nice stuff for when we get our first home, so I am saving all this stuff to use when we FINALLY move it & can stop renting!) & some really nice Apricot body lotion from Nutrimetics (this stuff is so good & is like a life saver in summer for sunburn – thank you Mum!!) We all head off to Hogs Breath, which was average & a little disappointing, with how long we had to wait for meals. I was looking forward to having some cocktails for my birthday (I like their fruity ones!) but only managed to have one as no one came back to take another drink order until our meals arrived & then we finished our meals & still no drinks, so we just told them to cancel those drinks, paid the bill & got out of there. I really love Hogs Breath, so a little disappointing! Then we went home where Mum had a cute little cake waiting for me and also a BIG bunch of flowers and my favourite chocolate (Cadbury Marble!). So we shared some cake, had a drink & then headed home. All in all in it was a fabulous birthday & I got very spoilt over my ‘birthday month’. For those who don’t know or have forgotten Trent got me my dream camera, a Canon EOS – 500D camera with an extra lens, tripod, camera case and a few other accessories... Seriously I love this camera & use it almost every day! I also got a beautiful lemon & white polka dot Jessie Steele apron (I’ll do a blog on it in the coming weeks!) & 5 little Puppies thanks to Daisy & Duke. (Yes once again whatever happens or is given to me during September is deemed a ‘birthday gift’!) The day after was actually my ‘American Birthday’ as it’s the 30th of September over there a day later then here. Well on my 'American Birthday' I received a package from a beautiful friend in America Alisa who is kind of in-charge of the ‘Hooters’ girls & their training (I think... hope that’s right). Anyway, she is pretty important. In this package was heaps of ‘Hooters’ merchandise; tank tops (they say Orange County & Long Beach CA – how AWESOME!), a t-shirt, a baby outfit (maybe she is hinting for me to get pregnant? LOL, the baby outfit will be put away until I have my own little bubba to put in it), ‘Hooters’ underwear, a drink cooler, a pen & surprisingly enough the trademark bright orange ‘Hooters’ shorts!! These are TINY but do fit so YAY, not that I can see myself wearing them to the store anytime soon! So I definitely scored some major loot for my birthday so thank you to my beautiful family, Trent & Alisa!! (And also thank to the like 60+ people on Facebook who wished me happy birthday!!)
Love you all. xx
Here are some pictures from my fabulous birthday... (Pics of the Jessie Steele apron & Hooters stuff will come in a later post!!) xx
22nd Birthday day (Boogie Shack Toowoomba adventures!)
Ahh... Crystal anything, I love it all!! (I swear I was born in the wrong era!)
I LOVE old suit cases
DOLLY PEGS!!! Perfect for curling your hair... Don't know how?! Check it out here...
Love all Vintage homewares (feel free to donate any to decorate/furnish our 1st home!!)
I wanted to rescue all these Barbies & give them loving homes... (Barbie addiction, yes I admit I have one!)
The Boogie Shack!
Yes I really love my birthday present!!
Very happy I got to celebrate my birthday with this gorgeous guy!
I really, like REALLY enjoyed my coke float...
22nd Birthday night with the family.
Getting ready!!
Birthday dinner outfit.
Pants: Just Jeans (kids size & they are kind of old I've had them since I was 15/16?...)
Jacket: Jays Jays (once again, I've had it for awhile)
Trent & I
The brothers and I. (Oddly enough I am the eldest & the shortest...)
Driving to dinner....
My  beautiful gifts from my parents, a HUGE towel set, body lotion, gorgeous flowers, CHOCOLATE! & a cute cake!
I like cake... A lot.
I did not want 22 candles (that's a small bush fire!) so my brother kindly lit me a match to make a wish on... Cheers Locky. xx

Thank you to my gorgeous fiancee' for a beautiful day & my lovely family for such a nice night. Love you all x


  1. Happy belated birthday. I think it's nice that you're happy so don't take any notice of the haters, they're just jealous.

  2. Thanks Rob, yeah haters just make me laugh... Especially when they are even older than me, it seems so highschool to me. Oh well, I hope they get more confidence! The puppies have just opened their eyes!!


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