Friday, 8 October 2010

Marlin; fur, claws & a hole lotta' attitude!

So a few weeks ago (in August)... My Dad surprised my Mother with a present from his work. It was tiny, furry, very cute, very young and appropriatley arrived home in a 'CAT' box. It was a little kitten. He was about 3 weeks old. My Dad works out of town on a mine site and found this little bundle of fur near the wash down station for the vehicles (all by himself, he may have been left there or got separated from his 'feral cat' group). He decided to bring him home & after a vet check up decided he was a keeper. This little fella has such a 'wonderful' attitude and never bites (note the sarcasm). But we still love him and he is getting more loving each day (well slowly more loving...) So I thought I would just introduce you all to the newest part of 'our family'... My parents new cat; Marlin (or Marley) or as I call him - 'Little Cat'...
* Please note he is VERY cute but is a feral cat, which kind of sucks as he doesn't seem to be getting much nicer, he would be a wonderful farm cat, but as he is a 'house cat', we are praying he gets more loving...
Dad and 'Little Cat' when he first came home
Marlin and I... (see the attitude!!)
Trent and Marlin
He loves his bottle (he needed to be bottle fed as he was so young!)
Pearly pink paws.
Little Marley cat.
Dad & his cat...
Marlin loves his milk and will do anything to get it!

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