Sunday, 31 October 2010


If there is one holiday I wish Australia really got into it's Halloween. I just love all the spooky decorations and the costumes. I love themed things (explains why I love Christmas). But Halloween has a whole other level to it, you can get scared on Halloween, I love being scared. Not scared like 'argh someone has a frog' scared or 'argh someone is going to kill me' scared; but that scared you get when you kind of have butterflies & you squeeze someones hand (my someone is obviously my lovely fiancee' Trent who protects me) I think that is why I like scary movies (not that many are really that 'scary' so if you have any decent scary movie suggestions send them my way... I have seen tons of movies, but yours I may not have!)
But anyway I thought I would write a quick blog wishing you all a lovely Happy Halloween!!
(Oh I totally bought some back up candy incase we get some little trick or treaters tonight!) Oh and on the decorating front I use to decorate my apartment in Rockhampton but this year I didn't bother but next year I will be decorating for sure!! (I'll tell you that good news later!!) ;)

Love you all. Here are some photos of snapped of Mishka (when she was a kitten) last Halloween with my big glittery spider (one of my many decorations!) LOL
Happy Halloween love Mishka. x

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