Friday, 29 October 2010

Farewell P.Melon.

So this blog has taken me awhile to write; now normally I am pretty opinionated and I don’t normally suffer from not knowing how to word things, but this time I do. So I’ll give it a go...

Last Saturday (23rd of October) was seriously one of the hardest days I’ve had in a long time. I had to take Paddy up to his new carer’s house which is about a 50 minute drive from my home and leave him there. Now that sucked; I’ve spent every day and almost every single hour with this little critter since June 14th this year. That’s pretty much 4 months. So it was a pretty rough day for me. It is fair to say I cried driving there; I had some tears when I had to leave him and then when I got back in the car I totally lost it. It’s just having this little guy for so long, I was kind of attached to him, he was like my baby. But then I pulled myself together and said to myself; ‘Today I should be happy, it is sad that he is going. But I have had a hand in preparing him for his future. He is alive today because of me. He is going out to be free and wild and where he rightfully belongs soon and there he will be so happy, all because I helped care for him.’ And sometimes I feel we have to tell ourselves the truth, even if it does sound like we are ‘talking ourselves up’. Because sometimes when you are feeling crappy, a bit of positive self realisation is NOT a bad thing. And I am glad I played a major part in Paddy’s life. I helped him & gave him a chance. And I feel really good about this.

Now his new carers are so lovely! They have another swamp wallaby ‘Squirt’ and a little red neck wallaby ‘Missy’. Paddy and Squirt will most likely be released at the same time into the wild. Even though they are the same breed of wallaby they look so different... But I guess everyone looks different! Now Paddy will stay with his new carers for the next month or so, then he will head to another carer (just around the corner) where he will go into a permanent HUGE outdoor wallaby run and when everyone in the pen (as there will be other wallabies) are all ready for release, they will open the gate and the wallabies can come and go as they please and then one day they may just not come back or they could always hang around. This slow release method is the most effective for rehabilitating wildlife that has been hand raised back into the wild.

I just called Paddy’s new ‘foster Mum’ the other morning and well it seems Paddy isn’t being as sweet as he was to me. He was a bit shy at first and would skip out his little door and into his ‘outside pen’ if the new carers entered the shed and avoid them, but now he is starting to stay in when they enter, but he will not hop over to them like he use to for me. But I think this is probably a good thing as he is getting ready for the wild. And I wouldn’t want him hopping up to someone in the wild! I do miss him terribly and well my days seem quiet empty and pointless without him. I love him so much and will always remember our time with him as a wonderful experience. Looking after Paddy not only gave me a whole new perspective on how important it is to care for our Australian wildlife, but he also taught me a few things, the main thing being patience, to just take a big breath when things are hard and the other being how to be responsible for a little life that depends solely on me.
I love you P.Melon. I’ll never forget you and the wonderful experience I had caring for you. xx
Here are some snaps of Paddy and I a few days before he left...
*Sorry I'm having some computer issues as my hard drive is full & I need to buy an external one asap to upload some other pictures... I will post some of the pics of Paddys new home when I can upload them to my computer!! SORRY GUYS xx
my baby... one thing I really miss are wallaby snuggles
I'll get you and your camera Mumma...
Feed time!!
I feel so privelaged to have been able to care for such a beautiful animal!
One of my more severe war wounds from P.Melon. Yes that is an extremely deep hole above my knee caused my sharp teeth/claws. The cause; Paddy getting over excited when I make his bottle. Oh well, with love comes pain!
Outside soaking in the sun...

For more wallaby photos check out my Facebook page. I have tons!! I was obsessed with taking this little guys photo, I just never wanted to forget him and a week on I really am dying for a wallaby hug. I really miss him & having him snuggle into me at night, seriously he was the cutest thing ever! 
When I finally am able to load my other pictures of my camera to my computer to edit, I will get them on here ASAP!!
Thanks for reading (if anyone reads this?), love you all. xx


  1. What an amazing story. I've read all the other posts about Paddy from beginning to end, and although I'm a year and a half late from the time this blog was posted, I really hope that he is doing well! What ya'll did for him for those 4 months is truly inspiring!

    1. I am glad you like the story, thanks so much for reading. He was a great little friend :) I hope he is doing awesome!! x


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