Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cold weather = a basket of puppies!

Well due to the strangely cold weather over the past couple of nights (we are in spring!) I have put the puppies in a washing basket and bought them inside. Seriously though is it just Australia or has weather everywhere gone weird!? We have had TONS of rain & freezing cold days with gale force winds. That is some super strange weather for Queensland, spring is normally stinking hot days, barely any breeze and afternoon storms. Now I am really not a fan of the heat that much, but I just wish God would pick one sort of weather condition and stick with it. Either make it hot or cold, not swap between both as it's making sick (seriously; I cannot shake this cold/flu thing thanks to the weird weather!).
As I type this I have the cutest little puppies staring up at me (sometimes whimpering) from their 'home for now'. They are so adorable & now 3 weeks old!! I can't believe it. They love to stumble around on the carpet, chasing each other, biting (they have just started to get teeth!), wrestling and snuggling. I cannot believe how damn cute they are! I love having them, each day I get to go and see how big they have gotten, how much they changed & just sit down their with Daisy soaking in their cuteness. And they have grown! I mean they are like HUGE now. My  little 'Wiggles' is a giant puppy! These babies are like house bricks... Daisy is obviously doing a great job at being a Mumma... But I can so tell she is getting a little over the whole thing, the poor thing hides from them sometimes (I would too, they have teeth - OUCH!) But aside from that she is still so loving.
Mishka is quite funny around them as she is very unsure of what they are exactly... My poor kitty, one day she will get the house back to herself!
Anyway; here are some new pictures of the puppies (I will try and stay more regular with their progress... Everything has been a bit full on lately!!)
Enjoy. x
Aww a puppy in a washing basket... Nothing is cuter!
Um is the answer - Cutest Puppy photo EVER?
Poor poor Mishka, she is so like 'What the hell are these tailed critters'?...
Naughty fighting puppies.
Adorable snoozing puppies on their first night inside... <3
Trent maybe in total love with the little puppies... I can see it being a very difficult task of selling them!
The only 2 little girls. (That is little Wiggles on the right!!)
Male. Male. Female. (all will be for sale...)
Little Male.
They really have a fun, playful, fighting spirit. They are so funny to watch. Though I feel very sorry for poor Daisy who is just like a chew toy for all of them (I laugh at her expression in some of the photos she is like 'great thanks alot, yeah photograph this you fool') I imagine she is quite a sarcastic dog.
A sneak peek at the farewell photoshoot I did with Paddy & Nikki. *WILL BE COMING SOON!*


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