Thursday, 21 October 2010

Animal cruelty is NEVER cool!

Yesterday I read an article that really, really angered me. It was about allegations made about some Irish people who had a 30th birthday party in a night club & for some reason they had a wallaby there to bring out whilst ‘Skippy the bush kangaroo’ theme music played. Now that’s not what angered me, what really has pissed me off & made me quiet sick is that the allegations state they apparently feed the poor wallaby ecstasy and alcohol. Like what!? Why the hell would they do this? It’s not funny or clever and that poor little Wallaby would’ve more than likely taken a heart attack if it ingested those substances & they don’t like loud noises or lights so it would have been terrified. I’ve watched some of the video some person captured from the party; I was almost sick. Some sick, sick loser (a man) can be seen holding the wallaby (that looks fully grown) and ‘riding’ it as the news calls it but it almost looks like he is thrusting behind it (like what sick person would want to pretend to have sex with a wallaby)... (Argh I could really use much more colourful language at the moment I am that outraged but I’m being ‘nice’).  You can tell from the clip how distressed the wallaby is by how much it is flicking around. The poor marsupial would be absolutely terrified. I just think if someone did this to my wallaby that I am currently caring for (Paddy) I would almost kill them. It is truly a disgusting act. I truly feel like changing Paddy’s name to another name less stereotypically Irish. I just can’t think what would ever possess someone to do something so stupid. I cannot imagine hurting an animal or pretending to have inter-course with one (which is so obvious judging by that YouTube clip), doing such terrible acts in no way would benefit a person. This is a truly sick act and when these people are caught the main instigators should be jailed and the people who stood by and did NOTHING should be charged as accessories to animal cruelty. It really confuses to me as why our beautiful native animals are sold as exotic pets over-seas. For about $1000.00 if I lived overseas I could purchase my own pet wallaby! WHAT THE HELL!? Why are they being sold? I understand zoos buying our wildlife so the foreign public can experience & see our lovely creatures. But ‘exotic animal dealers’ selling our precious wildlife to some average person who wants a ‘pet Skippy’ is downright WRONG! As a wildlife carer I cannot even legally have a pet wallaby, no one in Australia can. And I wouldn’t want to. I love Paddington with all of my heart, but I know he will happy & be more comfortable in his rightful place out bush; in the wild. Not in my backyard or in a pen. That is why in a two days (Saturday) he is getting handed to another carer who has more facilities for him than I do (such as a wallaby run) so he can be introduced to a slow release program and eventually be successfully released into the wild. Handing him over will make me so sad, but it needs to be done. Wild animals are wild. You can never truly domesticate a wild animal such as a kangaroo or wallaby. It’s like those insanely cruel people who think they can keep monkeys as pets. The worlds needs to stop being cruel & let wildlife live wild.
Here are 2 links to the article about the alledged incident -
My beautiful wallaby - P.Melon who I am going to miss so so  much! I am dreading Saturday!

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