Sunday, 31 October 2010

And these are a few of my favourite things...

So this week has kind of been a crummy week so this is kind of like a venting blog LOL. It should’ve been a fantastic week, but it wasn’t. So I think there is no better way to put a positive spin on a crap week then listing everything you loved about the week. It puts it all into perspective for me. So I can weigh up the bad and good and most of the time the good easily outweighs the bad... So here we go, I’ll see how many I can list!

1. Trent and I have the most exciting news to share with you (& no I am NOT pregnant!)... We have bought our first home & we get the keys on the 11/November/2010 (11/11/10) We are so damn excited and cannot wait to move in and have our ‘own space’ and decorate it however we like. Speaking of decorating; we are moving in just in time for Christmas so YAY for decorating our ‘own home’ in beautiful Christmas decorations (I LOVE Christmas!) And even though we have had a few ‘haters’ this week, be anything but happy for us; I say ‘screw them!’ This is one of the happiest moments of our lives and such a huge deal and anyone that isn’t happy for us are just plain MEAN & JEALOUS and not worth it; this is such a good stepping stone for us. We are beyond excited to have our ‘own home’!
These photos are kind of crap (taken by the real estate... I may have 'borrowed' them from the website LOL) But yeah this outside photo doesn't do it much justice. Those hedges are going to be great for Xmas decorating!!
My FAVOURITE part of the house, the adorable kitchen - my very OWN kitchen!! See the combustion stove (wood stove) All original vintage kitchen - not changing it EVER I love it! (Well we will change the flooring but not the cupboards or wood stove!) And it's actually really big, this is only half of it, it has space for 2 dining tables. So one in the kitchen & then a bigger dining area... I love it! It's MY kitchen!! So damn excited!
I will post more photos after we move in & take some DECENT ones! It's such a beautiful classic home, just what we wanted with space for the dogs & a big shed! We are so excited!! Only 11 more days and she is all ours and we will be moving in that weekend! So in 2 weeks we will be totally moved into our first home... YAY!

2. Starting a quilt with my Mum, it’s nothing super fancy but it’s my first one so I am super excited to finish it. (Oh and I’m also doing this hand stitch ‘Rudolph’ print, that I am turning into a cushion at some point. I just finished it so now to start on another Christmas design!!)
3. Catching up with some girlfriends I use to work with. It was great to see them and hang out on Friday! I had a great day and look forward to more days like that...
4. Getting Taylor Swifts new album ‘Speak Now’. It is awesome (like all her music is!) I love Taylor she is such an amazing person and artist and always has the best music I can always relate to. So far my favourite song is ‘Mean’. It’s really descriptive and appropriate for someone in my life that is really being so hurtful at the moment. Not liking that situation, but LOVING my new CD.
5. I also love that I have found 2 of the little puppies really nice homes to go to (3 remain!) The 2 to go are the little tan/black/white boy and one of the bigger boy pups! They leave this weekend! I can’t believe this Thursday they are 6weeks old!
6. Spending nights by myself when Trent is on night shift & everyone else is god only knows where else, it’s nice. I get to chill out, blog, watch Girls of the playboy mansion, sew & just relax. And then go to bed with Duke, yes I bring my over-sized German Shepherd into my room because I hate the dark & he makes me feel so safe.
7. My cat; now she is not the most loving cat. But she is so cool. She has such a bad attitude sometimes but other times for like 2minutes she gives the best hugs. And I seriously find it hard to sleep without her purring at the foot of my bed whilst sleeping on top of my feet!
8. The excitement that soon I can have all my pretty things out again in my ‘own home’. Very excited as currently most of my stuff is still in boxes as we are sharing a house and that is kind of lame, so YAY to finally having my own stuff in my ‘own home’.
9. Having family & friends that actually genuinely love Trent and I. This week has kind of been a ‘wake up week’. I’ve woken up to the fact that people who are nasty, mean and hurtful are a waste of my time. So from now mean, trash writers on Facebook get the delete button (even if it is funny to see how jealous they get when I am happy). The other people in my life, like people who should be kind and happy for us, well if you aren’t go to hell. We don’t need you. I am no longer going to try so hard to keep others happy or try to maintain a relationship with people that don’t even love or care about me/us. Seriously, I am so over the whole thing, do wrong by me or really hurt me (& yes if you are reading this, you’ve hurt me one too many times) I want nothing to do with you anymore. People who act spiteful and mean really must be unhappy in their own lives especially if they wish to try and create conflict in others lives (the whole thing seems like a big load of jealously!). Oh well, I truly pray the nasty people in my life become nicer... And one day I may have a relationship with them again, but for now I want nothing to do with them. I really love that fact that I can finally say that and I should’ve said it a long time ago, but I was clutching onto an idea that everyone is a decent person somewhere deep inside & I know everyone goes through a ‘crappy’ time in their life & sometimes make mistakes and do things they wish they could take back (I know I surely have & I own all my mistakes, but I can’t change the past only the future & that’s why I try to be a better person, most people get over that ‘crappy’ stage) but some people just get so mixed up in it they never change, that is really sad. I pray you change.
10. Finding 10 things to be happy about this week when I thought it was a crummy week!! YAY very happy about that. Positivity always conquers negativity!

These are a few photos I took of Paddy the night before he was ready to leave, I just was finally able to upload them (my hard drive is full & I need an external one, but for now I have been 'cheating' and transferring stuff to my laptop so I have some space. So the photos of his new home I'll try to get up soon!) Anyway I found these ones and they made me smile and actually 'laugh out loud' & be quiet impressed with myself that I captured these. I really wish Paddy was here this week when I was sad, because deadset nothing beats a hug from a little animal that soley depends on me or maybe Wallaby hugs just rock? He could be so loving sometimes and he could always make me laugh. These 3 photos really capture his personality he was so silly & cute! I do miss him, but it is slowly getting easier... Enjoy
Yes that is dog biscuit crumbs on his nose, the cheeky little wallaby dove into my dogfood box!
My Mr. Melon what big teeth you have (& YES they really hurt when he bites!)
Lol he looks so damn cute and funny here. Love you.P x

Well that's all I've got for now, so on Wednesday I wont have internet access as much, so I'll try and do a few blogs 'pre-made' before then so if I get to a computer I can just hit 'POST' and give you a blog :) Sorry guys!!
Hope you all had a good weekend & a great Halloween!! Let me know your favourite things from this past week!!
Be safe, love ya's

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  1. I'm surprised that you have ‘haters’ as you seem such a nice couple. Anyway try and ignore them cos who needs them anyway. I love your house, especially the range and I will look forward to seeing what you do with it in the future.


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