Sunday, 31 October 2010

And these are a few of my favourite things...

So this week has kind of been a crummy week so this is kind of like a venting blog LOL. It should’ve been a fantastic week, but it wasn’t. So I think there is no better way to put a positive spin on a crap week then listing everything you loved about the week. It puts it all into perspective for me. So I can weigh up the bad and good and most of the time the good easily outweighs the bad... So here we go, I’ll see how many I can list!

1. Trent and I have the most exciting news to share with you (& no I am NOT pregnant!)... We have bought our first home & we get the keys on the 11/November/2010 (11/11/10) We are so damn excited and cannot wait to move in and have our ‘own space’ and decorate it however we like. Speaking of decorating; we are moving in just in time for Christmas so YAY for decorating our ‘own home’ in beautiful Christmas decorations (I LOVE Christmas!) And even though we have had a few ‘haters’ this week, be anything but happy for us; I say ‘screw them!’ This is one of the happiest moments of our lives and such a huge deal and anyone that isn’t happy for us are just plain MEAN & JEALOUS and not worth it; this is such a good stepping stone for us. We are beyond excited to have our ‘own home’!
These photos are kind of crap (taken by the real estate... I may have 'borrowed' them from the website LOL) But yeah this outside photo doesn't do it much justice. Those hedges are going to be great for Xmas decorating!!
My FAVOURITE part of the house, the adorable kitchen - my very OWN kitchen!! See the combustion stove (wood stove) All original vintage kitchen - not changing it EVER I love it! (Well we will change the flooring but not the cupboards or wood stove!) And it's actually really big, this is only half of it, it has space for 2 dining tables. So one in the kitchen & then a bigger dining area... I love it! It's MY kitchen!! So damn excited!
I will post more photos after we move in & take some DECENT ones! It's such a beautiful classic home, just what we wanted with space for the dogs & a big shed! We are so excited!! Only 11 more days and she is all ours and we will be moving in that weekend! So in 2 weeks we will be totally moved into our first home... YAY!

2. Starting a quilt with my Mum, it’s nothing super fancy but it’s my first one so I am super excited to finish it. (Oh and I’m also doing this hand stitch ‘Rudolph’ print, that I am turning into a cushion at some point. I just finished it so now to start on another Christmas design!!)
3. Catching up with some girlfriends I use to work with. It was great to see them and hang out on Friday! I had a great day and look forward to more days like that...
4. Getting Taylor Swifts new album ‘Speak Now’. It is awesome (like all her music is!) I love Taylor she is such an amazing person and artist and always has the best music I can always relate to. So far my favourite song is ‘Mean’. It’s really descriptive and appropriate for someone in my life that is really being so hurtful at the moment. Not liking that situation, but LOVING my new CD.
5. I also love that I have found 2 of the little puppies really nice homes to go to (3 remain!) The 2 to go are the little tan/black/white boy and one of the bigger boy pups! They leave this weekend! I can’t believe this Thursday they are 6weeks old!
6. Spending nights by myself when Trent is on night shift & everyone else is god only knows where else, it’s nice. I get to chill out, blog, watch Girls of the playboy mansion, sew & just relax. And then go to bed with Duke, yes I bring my over-sized German Shepherd into my room because I hate the dark & he makes me feel so safe.
7. My cat; now she is not the most loving cat. But she is so cool. She has such a bad attitude sometimes but other times for like 2minutes she gives the best hugs. And I seriously find it hard to sleep without her purring at the foot of my bed whilst sleeping on top of my feet!
8. The excitement that soon I can have all my pretty things out again in my ‘own home’. Very excited as currently most of my stuff is still in boxes as we are sharing a house and that is kind of lame, so YAY to finally having my own stuff in my ‘own home’.
9. Having family & friends that actually genuinely love Trent and I. This week has kind of been a ‘wake up week’. I’ve woken up to the fact that people who are nasty, mean and hurtful are a waste of my time. So from now mean, trash writers on Facebook get the delete button (even if it is funny to see how jealous they get when I am happy). The other people in my life, like people who should be kind and happy for us, well if you aren’t go to hell. We don’t need you. I am no longer going to try so hard to keep others happy or try to maintain a relationship with people that don’t even love or care about me/us. Seriously, I am so over the whole thing, do wrong by me or really hurt me (& yes if you are reading this, you’ve hurt me one too many times) I want nothing to do with you anymore. People who act spiteful and mean really must be unhappy in their own lives especially if they wish to try and create conflict in others lives (the whole thing seems like a big load of jealously!). Oh well, I truly pray the nasty people in my life become nicer... And one day I may have a relationship with them again, but for now I want nothing to do with them. I really love that fact that I can finally say that and I should’ve said it a long time ago, but I was clutching onto an idea that everyone is a decent person somewhere deep inside & I know everyone goes through a ‘crappy’ time in their life & sometimes make mistakes and do things they wish they could take back (I know I surely have & I own all my mistakes, but I can’t change the past only the future & that’s why I try to be a better person, most people get over that ‘crappy’ stage) but some people just get so mixed up in it they never change, that is really sad. I pray you change.
10. Finding 10 things to be happy about this week when I thought it was a crummy week!! YAY very happy about that. Positivity always conquers negativity!

These are a few photos I took of Paddy the night before he was ready to leave, I just was finally able to upload them (my hard drive is full & I need an external one, but for now I have been 'cheating' and transferring stuff to my laptop so I have some space. So the photos of his new home I'll try to get up soon!) Anyway I found these ones and they made me smile and actually 'laugh out loud' & be quiet impressed with myself that I captured these. I really wish Paddy was here this week when I was sad, because deadset nothing beats a hug from a little animal that soley depends on me or maybe Wallaby hugs just rock? He could be so loving sometimes and he could always make me laugh. These 3 photos really capture his personality he was so silly & cute! I do miss him, but it is slowly getting easier... Enjoy
Yes that is dog biscuit crumbs on his nose, the cheeky little wallaby dove into my dogfood box!
My Mr. Melon what big teeth you have (& YES they really hurt when he bites!)
Lol he looks so damn cute and funny here. Love you.P x

Well that's all I've got for now, so on Wednesday I wont have internet access as much, so I'll try and do a few blogs 'pre-made' before then so if I get to a computer I can just hit 'POST' and give you a blog :) Sorry guys!!
Hope you all had a good weekend & a great Halloween!! Let me know your favourite things from this past week!!
Be safe, love ya's


If there is one holiday I wish Australia really got into it's Halloween. I just love all the spooky decorations and the costumes. I love themed things (explains why I love Christmas). But Halloween has a whole other level to it, you can get scared on Halloween, I love being scared. Not scared like 'argh someone has a frog' scared or 'argh someone is going to kill me' scared; but that scared you get when you kind of have butterflies & you squeeze someones hand (my someone is obviously my lovely fiancee' Trent who protects me) I think that is why I like scary movies (not that many are really that 'scary' so if you have any decent scary movie suggestions send them my way... I have seen tons of movies, but yours I may not have!)
But anyway I thought I would write a quick blog wishing you all a lovely Happy Halloween!!
(Oh I totally bought some back up candy incase we get some little trick or treaters tonight!) Oh and on the decorating front I use to decorate my apartment in Rockhampton but this year I didn't bother but next year I will be decorating for sure!! (I'll tell you that good news later!!) ;)

Love you all. Here are some photos of snapped of Mishka (when she was a kitten) last Halloween with my big glittery spider (one of my many decorations!) LOL
Happy Halloween love Mishka. x

Friday, 29 October 2010

Farewell P.Melon.

So this blog has taken me awhile to write; now normally I am pretty opinionated and I don’t normally suffer from not knowing how to word things, but this time I do. So I’ll give it a go...

Last Saturday (23rd of October) was seriously one of the hardest days I’ve had in a long time. I had to take Paddy up to his new carer’s house which is about a 50 minute drive from my home and leave him there. Now that sucked; I’ve spent every day and almost every single hour with this little critter since June 14th this year. That’s pretty much 4 months. So it was a pretty rough day for me. It is fair to say I cried driving there; I had some tears when I had to leave him and then when I got back in the car I totally lost it. It’s just having this little guy for so long, I was kind of attached to him, he was like my baby. But then I pulled myself together and said to myself; ‘Today I should be happy, it is sad that he is going. But I have had a hand in preparing him for his future. He is alive today because of me. He is going out to be free and wild and where he rightfully belongs soon and there he will be so happy, all because I helped care for him.’ And sometimes I feel we have to tell ourselves the truth, even if it does sound like we are ‘talking ourselves up’. Because sometimes when you are feeling crappy, a bit of positive self realisation is NOT a bad thing. And I am glad I played a major part in Paddy’s life. I helped him & gave him a chance. And I feel really good about this.

Now his new carers are so lovely! They have another swamp wallaby ‘Squirt’ and a little red neck wallaby ‘Missy’. Paddy and Squirt will most likely be released at the same time into the wild. Even though they are the same breed of wallaby they look so different... But I guess everyone looks different! Now Paddy will stay with his new carers for the next month or so, then he will head to another carer (just around the corner) where he will go into a permanent HUGE outdoor wallaby run and when everyone in the pen (as there will be other wallabies) are all ready for release, they will open the gate and the wallabies can come and go as they please and then one day they may just not come back or they could always hang around. This slow release method is the most effective for rehabilitating wildlife that has been hand raised back into the wild.

I just called Paddy’s new ‘foster Mum’ the other morning and well it seems Paddy isn’t being as sweet as he was to me. He was a bit shy at first and would skip out his little door and into his ‘outside pen’ if the new carers entered the shed and avoid them, but now he is starting to stay in when they enter, but he will not hop over to them like he use to for me. But I think this is probably a good thing as he is getting ready for the wild. And I wouldn’t want him hopping up to someone in the wild! I do miss him terribly and well my days seem quiet empty and pointless without him. I love him so much and will always remember our time with him as a wonderful experience. Looking after Paddy not only gave me a whole new perspective on how important it is to care for our Australian wildlife, but he also taught me a few things, the main thing being patience, to just take a big breath when things are hard and the other being how to be responsible for a little life that depends solely on me.
I love you P.Melon. I’ll never forget you and the wonderful experience I had caring for you. xx
Here are some snaps of Paddy and I a few days before he left...
*Sorry I'm having some computer issues as my hard drive is full & I need to buy an external one asap to upload some other pictures... I will post some of the pics of Paddys new home when I can upload them to my computer!! SORRY GUYS xx
my baby... one thing I really miss are wallaby snuggles
I'll get you and your camera Mumma...
Feed time!!
I feel so privelaged to have been able to care for such a beautiful animal!
One of my more severe war wounds from P.Melon. Yes that is an extremely deep hole above my knee caused my sharp teeth/claws. The cause; Paddy getting over excited when I make his bottle. Oh well, with love comes pain!
Outside soaking in the sun...

For more wallaby photos check out my Facebook page. I have tons!! I was obsessed with taking this little guys photo, I just never wanted to forget him and a week on I really am dying for a wallaby hug. I really miss him & having him snuggle into me at night, seriously he was the cutest thing ever! 
When I finally am able to load my other pictures of my camera to my computer to edit, I will get them on here ASAP!!
Thanks for reading (if anyone reads this?), love you all. xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Animal cruelty is NEVER cool!

Yesterday I read an article that really, really angered me. It was about allegations made about some Irish people who had a 30th birthday party in a night club & for some reason they had a wallaby there to bring out whilst ‘Skippy the bush kangaroo’ theme music played. Now that’s not what angered me, what really has pissed me off & made me quiet sick is that the allegations state they apparently feed the poor wallaby ecstasy and alcohol. Like what!? Why the hell would they do this? It’s not funny or clever and that poor little Wallaby would’ve more than likely taken a heart attack if it ingested those substances & they don’t like loud noises or lights so it would have been terrified. I’ve watched some of the video some person captured from the party; I was almost sick. Some sick, sick loser (a man) can be seen holding the wallaby (that looks fully grown) and ‘riding’ it as the news calls it but it almost looks like he is thrusting behind it (like what sick person would want to pretend to have sex with a wallaby)... (Argh I could really use much more colourful language at the moment I am that outraged but I’m being ‘nice’).  You can tell from the clip how distressed the wallaby is by how much it is flicking around. The poor marsupial would be absolutely terrified. I just think if someone did this to my wallaby that I am currently caring for (Paddy) I would almost kill them. It is truly a disgusting act. I truly feel like changing Paddy’s name to another name less stereotypically Irish. I just can’t think what would ever possess someone to do something so stupid. I cannot imagine hurting an animal or pretending to have inter-course with one (which is so obvious judging by that YouTube clip), doing such terrible acts in no way would benefit a person. This is a truly sick act and when these people are caught the main instigators should be jailed and the people who stood by and did NOTHING should be charged as accessories to animal cruelty. It really confuses to me as why our beautiful native animals are sold as exotic pets over-seas. For about $1000.00 if I lived overseas I could purchase my own pet wallaby! WHAT THE HELL!? Why are they being sold? I understand zoos buying our wildlife so the foreign public can experience & see our lovely creatures. But ‘exotic animal dealers’ selling our precious wildlife to some average person who wants a ‘pet Skippy’ is downright WRONG! As a wildlife carer I cannot even legally have a pet wallaby, no one in Australia can. And I wouldn’t want to. I love Paddington with all of my heart, but I know he will happy & be more comfortable in his rightful place out bush; in the wild. Not in my backyard or in a pen. That is why in a two days (Saturday) he is getting handed to another carer who has more facilities for him than I do (such as a wallaby run) so he can be introduced to a slow release program and eventually be successfully released into the wild. Handing him over will make me so sad, but it needs to be done. Wild animals are wild. You can never truly domesticate a wild animal such as a kangaroo or wallaby. It’s like those insanely cruel people who think they can keep monkeys as pets. The worlds needs to stop being cruel & let wildlife live wild.
Here are 2 links to the article about the alledged incident -
My beautiful wallaby - P.Melon who I am going to miss so so  much! I am dreading Saturday!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cold weather = a basket of puppies!

Well due to the strangely cold weather over the past couple of nights (we are in spring!) I have put the puppies in a washing basket and bought them inside. Seriously though is it just Australia or has weather everywhere gone weird!? We have had TONS of rain & freezing cold days with gale force winds. That is some super strange weather for Queensland, spring is normally stinking hot days, barely any breeze and afternoon storms. Now I am really not a fan of the heat that much, but I just wish God would pick one sort of weather condition and stick with it. Either make it hot or cold, not swap between both as it's making sick (seriously; I cannot shake this cold/flu thing thanks to the weird weather!).
As I type this I have the cutest little puppies staring up at me (sometimes whimpering) from their 'home for now'. They are so adorable & now 3 weeks old!! I can't believe it. They love to stumble around on the carpet, chasing each other, biting (they have just started to get teeth!), wrestling and snuggling. I cannot believe how damn cute they are! I love having them, each day I get to go and see how big they have gotten, how much they changed & just sit down their with Daisy soaking in their cuteness. And they have grown! I mean they are like HUGE now. My  little 'Wiggles' is a giant puppy! These babies are like house bricks... Daisy is obviously doing a great job at being a Mumma... But I can so tell she is getting a little over the whole thing, the poor thing hides from them sometimes (I would too, they have teeth - OUCH!) But aside from that she is still so loving.
Mishka is quite funny around them as she is very unsure of what they are exactly... My poor kitty, one day she will get the house back to herself!
Anyway; here are some new pictures of the puppies (I will try and stay more regular with their progress... Everything has been a bit full on lately!!)
Enjoy. x
Aww a puppy in a washing basket... Nothing is cuter!
Um is the answer - Cutest Puppy photo EVER?
Poor poor Mishka, she is so like 'What the hell are these tailed critters'?...
Naughty fighting puppies.
Adorable snoozing puppies on their first night inside... <3
Trent maybe in total love with the little puppies... I can see it being a very difficult task of selling them!
The only 2 little girls. (That is little Wiggles on the right!!)
Male. Male. Female. (all will be for sale...)
Little Male.
They really have a fun, playful, fighting spirit. They are so funny to watch. Though I feel very sorry for poor Daisy who is just like a chew toy for all of them (I laugh at her expression in some of the photos she is like 'great thanks alot, yeah photograph this you fool') I imagine she is quite a sarcastic dog.
A sneak peek at the farewell photoshoot I did with Paddy & Nikki. *WILL BE COMING SOON!*