Sunday, 26 September 2010

A year ago tonight was the best night baby...

So this post is about a very special day to me 26.09.2009;

Well a year ago today I was getting ready for my 21st birthday party. It was a rush of organising my outfit, tan, doing my make-up, hurrying off to the hair dressers and getting dressed, having drinks, spending time with Trent and making sure I was all ready to leave in our pink Holden EK by 5:30pm (I think that was the time...) And lucky me that week South East QLD was hit with some delightful dust storms (that bought out a ton of brown snakes on our property!!) so it was a still a little dusty on the Saturday. So when I arrived at my 21st I was greeted by quite a large group of mainly family (& people I class as family) and a few friends. The night was lovely... After dinner the speeches started, first up was my Dad who gave a lovely speech, then I pulled out my already prepared speech, then my sister congratulated me on making it to 21 after all we have been through (let’s say she isn’t the most loving & gentle sibling and sometimes tried to kill me) LOL and then my younger brother wished me a happy birthday as well. And then Dad asked the group if there was anyone else who would like to make a speech. To my surprise Trent popped up. Now Trent is kind of quiet & doesn’t really give speeches & I could tell he was pretty nervous about something. He thanked my parents for throwing the party and travelling from Toowoomba to Ipswich for the occasion then turned to me got down on one knee and asked me (Belinda Kathleen Scott – he got a little too ahead of himself then– I’m not a Scott yet!, it was so damn lovely but he quickly corrected himself) to marry him. It was so special and so far is easily the best night of my life and the only thing that could top this memory is our wedding (which is fast approaching – July 30th 2011). I was so happy to say ‘yes’ to Trent I think we stood there crying and hugging for like a few minutes before we turned back to everyone... It was really the best birthday present. And I thank everyone who was there to share that very special night with us.
So today is our first anniversary for being engaged & it is nowhere as romantic a as my 21st. Trent is on night shift, which means he is sleeping all day and working all night. But we have decided to go to lunch tomorrow on his day off to celebrate together... Happy anniversary Trent – I love you so very much & to my surprise I love you more each day (I thought I couldn’t love him anymore then I do now). He really is the best guy and just has so many positive qualities I could endlessly list; I think I am very lucky to have someone so perfect.
I love you & am so grateful to have you in my life. X
Enjoy these pictures I love from the night & a few of the T-rex and I.
Dust storm from my b'day week and a slithery brown snake. GROSS!
The outfit and shoes... Outfit Kitten D'Amour & Shoes Peeptoe.
My hair for the evening...
All ready to go!!
Before we left - The EK and I.
Arriving at my party.
The best speech of the night. x

My beautiful engagement ring!
The cake... Just taken the top tier out of the freezer today!!
Mum & Dad and my brothers - thanks for a lovely night...
Dad and Trent having a talk after all the excitement.
Us in the beginning - we look sooo young here!
Our first Valentines day together/ been together 1 month!
B-rex & T-rex
When we hiked to the top of 'Table Top' mountain in Toowoomba
I <3 you too.
My favourite photo of us. Self taken by me :)

Honey I love you & can't imagine my life without you. x

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