Monday, 13 September 2010

A special announcement...

Well just this week we found out some very exciting news... Someone is expecting a new baby (ies) soon!! Well it is surely not me, but it is someone very dear to me... It's a our very irresponsible hounds - Duke and Daisy. In mid July when we moved up to Toowoomba Miss Daisy went on "heat"... So we thought we had securely tied them up, but our super stud Duke-nacious busted the runner/leash and we thought we caught them in time - but obviously not. So lucky me I am about to become a granny in about a fornight (approx).
We just took her to the vet this past weekend so he could check her out & see if she'll be able to have Dukes puppies (as there is an obvious size difference between them)... He said all should be fine as Border Collies often have quite strong genes when it comes to breeding (meaning they could be her size but his look...) And to be ready for them at some point in the next 3 weeks - obviously I will keep you all updated!!
So it's all very exciting for Trent and I at the moment as I've only ever had 1 dog have puppies before & that was when I was like 10 (it was pretty cool - she had them on April Fools day!!) So we hope they arrive safely and all are healthy and Daisy stays healthy and fine during the pregnancy & birth - So prayers for her and the puppies please!! But in case something goes wrong the vet is seriously less than 5 minutes up the road!
So here are some snaps of the Mumma-to-be... Oh and she is so loving lately so I think she will be make a wonderful Mumma to her litter of little 'Bored Shepherds' (I believe these little hounds maybe just way to smart for their own good!)... And Duke is always a big softie so I think we should make just wonderful parents! I know the puppies will have such a beautiful nature coming from two such gorgeous animals (I maybe bias but hey they are brilliant animals!) even if they are a little too intelligent!! LOL
Daisy the Mumma-to-be...

The irresponsible parents to be... I'm sure they will be so loving to the new baby/ies though :)

The end. x

I promise to keep you updated on puppy news!!


  1. That really is something to look forward to. Be sure to have your camera at the ready.

  2. I know I am VERY excited. Camera is always ready :)

    Thanks Ally, I think they are adorable! :)

  3. Aww that is just adorable! Congratulations! I can't wait to see lots and lots of puppy photos!

  4. Hey!!
    Thanks Violet... Tons of puppy pics will be up as soon as she has them!!


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