Thursday, 23 September 2010

Puppy tales... (tails)

Hey all!!

Well as most of you may know (thanks to my Facebook/Twitter updates...) Daisy is now officially a Mumma! We believe she would’ve had the pups around 7:30am – 8:30am this morning as I woke up at about 8:45am and looked at the kitchen window to Duke just staring straight into her pen (she is in the ‘puppy pen’) and Daisy was staring kind of at me almost smiling... I ran down trying to hold my pyjama pants up off of the wet grass and peered into her kennel and sure enough a little squirming puppy!! I sprinted back into the house, flung open the bathroom door and told Trent (I almost scared the life out of him as he was showering & I’m glad today was his day off) so I quickly pulled on jeans & a shirt whilst frantically phoning my Mum to come over with my little brother and then I ran back down to check her and the puppies out! So we found 4 little wet puppies to start with, then she had another at the back of her so that is 5 in total (*we did also find 1 other one who was very small and laying under her tail, we think he may have been still-born... That was very sad) but including the deceased puppy she had an even litter 3 girls (2 girls now) and 3 boys (2 HUGE boys). So far a few tiny little adventurers have been nick-named ‘Wiggles’ as they wiggle and worm their way around and often gets lost (we are a little concerned about some of them as well as they are a little small and often get knocked out of the way by the bigger pups)... The 2 huge fellas have nicknames such as ‘Goliath’ ‘Giant’ ‘Hulk’ it’s ever-changing Lol... They are MASSIVE! Big broad necks and shoulders and big snouts. They are very obviously Dukes pups as we can see some tan markings already! I think they are going to look very nice, it’s a bit disappointing to us that we can’t keep one as it we think they would be lovely dogs (damn council laws...) All of them look to be in good health and Daisy is a very good Mumma, just laying there & cleaning them and snuggling them all! I am so very proud of her that she did it all on her own as well (I am a little sad I missed the birth, but it obviously went well and I am so proud of her!) She is so loving towards all 5 little puppies and Duke is so proud he is constantly lying near the pen and is protective of them.
So here are some snaps (sorry they aren’t very good and limited I didn’t want to disturb Daisy too much!!)
Our proud new Mumma!
Little white tipped tail just like Daisy!
So calm and just laying there...
Trent and one of the little Wiggles
Possibly totally exhausted!
Duke was never far from the pen!
One of the bigger Pups!
I LOVE these photos
Duke wanting to come in... He is so gentle with them!
Puppy paws and tails!
I will keep you all updated on Mumma Daisy and her 5 little cuties!! Praying they all stay healthy and happy and that the little Wiggles start to attach easier and drink more!!



  1. I am so pleased for you all and i'm pleased everything went off fairly well. As you say its a shame you can't get to keep one.

  2. Thank you Rob, they are so lovely. Yes it is a shame about that little girl. :( But I'm glad the other 5 are healthy and I pray they stay that way!

  3. Awww.... they are beautiful Bindy!! :D

  4. Thank you Marie!! I love them... so snuggley and cute!


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