Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happy Birthday Mishka!

Last year in October I wrote on my Facebook wall wishing for a little tiny grey kitten. Within an hour a friend had commented saying she had baby manx kittens (that were grey!) she had to give away as she was moving towns and couldn't take them with her. Within less than 1/2 an hour I had spoken to Mum and arranged for her to go hand pick which feral little tailess farm cat would be mine... That afternoon I broke the news to my cat hating fiancee' that we must drive to Toowoomba to collect a kitten (that went down lovely!) And that is how we came to have Mishka. After taking her to the vets for a check up they estimated her birthday was about the 1st of September 2009. So the other day we celebrated her first birthday with a bowl of milk and a fancy new collar! (Laugh as you may that I celebrate my pets birthdays but I have no kids yet, so maybe after children the 'pet birthday' novelty will wear off!)
Happy birthday baby girl we love you!! (& yes Trent is now a converted cat lover - well he only loves Mishka!)
Here are some photos to celebrate such a funny little cats life, she has such an attitude (not always a great one) but she is so unique! We love her.
The photo Mum texted me of my new little kitty!! The very obvious 'M' marking inspired an 'M' name.
Trent holding her the very first night we picked her up!
Baby Mishka!
A kitten in a Sex Kitten (Kitten D'amour) bag!
Aw my baby cat...
A tiny kitten investigating our big old house for the first time.
She was sooo tiny!


One brave little cat (lucky Dukes a MASSIVE sook and loves her and licks her!)
Our engagement party night. Yes that is Mishka upside down behind me...
Bath time in the bath for MISHKA! 
Halloween evilness - this picture is brilliant!
Mishka and her favourite person! Yes I wanted a cat, I got a cat who hates being snuggled & loves Trent more than me?! What the hell.. Oh well at least she is a "chatty cat" (she meows a lot!)
chasing 'Stumpy' the gecko - her favourite summer past time & yes 'Stumpy' has a stumpy tail because she caught him once (we kept putting him outside but the dumb lizard kept coming back in)!
Merry Christmas... :)
We got a bowl for Christmas - Mishka claims it as a bed?!
Don't look at me!!
She loves my closet!
Do I own a bird or a cat?
She really likes sleeping in strange positions.
After she was spaded... Not a happy kitty!
She still sucks her foot while going to sleep at night (apparently it's a sign when cats are weaned to early!?)
They really are so good around each other...
poking tongues and dancing... maybe she is my daughter?
Mishka-Moo cow and her favourite toy Romeo!
Birthday celebrations for Mishka!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mishka. What a cool cat and great pics, I love the one of the dog and cat sleeping together.

  2. Thanks Rob... Yes she is indeed a very cool cat!!
    Her Duke get along so well, Daisy the border collie though would like to eat here! ha ha.

    Oh well can't be loved by everyone!



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