Sunday, 5 September 2010

Father's Day.

So today is Fathers day in Australia... The day to celebrate the fabulous men in our lives. I now have 3 great guys to give gifts/cards and celebrate that day for, obviously my own Dad, Trent (who is not really a Dad yet but our “furry children” love him so much) and Trent’s Dad Brian. So this post is going to be about Dads.
Now a few words about my Dad... I am pretty lucky to have had a fabulous Father all through my life; he has always been there, supported us 4 kids and Mum & worked damn hard giving us all he could. Now don’t get me wrong our relationship isn’t perfect – we fight sometimes (ok a fair bit) possibly as we are both so similar; both stubborn people who like to get the last word in? But we are pretty good. I love my Dad and there isn’t really anything I would change about him, except a few times I’ve really let him down. But as far as Dads go, he is one of the best so I guess I am pretty lucky. I know every kid thinks their Dad is the best but seriously as far as old man’s go Dad is up there with the best, I reckon he is one of the smartest guys (well in some fields...) I know & he is a pretty damn cool Dad as well. I know growing up I always thought he was the best, funniest (& I find him pretty damn funny), strongest, bravest, smartest & most handsome Dad around, that opinion really hasn't changed, I still really value what he thinks and think the world of my Dad (even if I don't let him know that often). He really is a brilliant person and an even better Father. Thank you for always being present in our lives & giving us the best life you could.

Onto Trent, now we don’t officially have “real children” yet, but we do have 3 fabulous pets (& 1 adopted wallaby) who love him so much... He is such a kind person who looks after the 4 of them and me so well... This guy truly is one of a kind & damn I am lucky and we feel so blessed to have such a fabulous little “furry family”. And I know one day in the future he will make an awesome Dad as he has such a fabulous spirit – he really is the best person I know.
Trent’s Dad Brian is also a great guy who is very honest, hard working, loving & funny. And we made a trip to Ipswich last weekend to have a special Father’s Day/Trent’s Mums birthday lunch with everyone last weekend as Trent is working this weekend and most of his family are in Newcastle celebrating his cousin Joe getting married to the beautiful Cat for the Fathers Day weekend... We wish them a beautiful and happy life together & wish we could’ve been there!
So honestly I know not everyone in this world has had as fabulous Father figures in their lives as I do (I truly feel sorry for those who don’t... I feel very blessed to have had a wonderful Dad for my whole life in this world where there are so many dead beat Dads & even luckier now to have a great 'future father-in-law') but I think having a great, strong man/father/father figure in your life is very important. For where would I be if I hadn’t had my Dad there to give me countless hour long lectures and advice on what direction I should take my life (which I promptly ignored... possibly should’ve listened on some occasions!) But really he has forgiven me so many times and I don’t know if I have ever actually said this out loud (I know I have a thousand times in my head) but I am truly sorry for all those times I’ve let you down and haven’t made you proud, but hopefully the good outweigh the bad when you look at our relationship. I really love you Dad. Have a lovely Fathers Day...
To all the Dads out there (& to all my readers Fathers) weather they are still here or not, have a brilliant Fathers Day & make sure you make your Dad feel that little bit special today (& Dads are easy to impress with either just a phone call or a card & a scratchie, a fishing/camping/sports store voucher, an esky, a new pair of BBQ tongs or a set of thongs or boxers or even a 6 pack of their favourite cold beverage and they are happy... Possibly the world’s easiest people to please!) Have a brilliant day Dads; I know I owe my Dad at least one day a year to be thankful for him, all his love & all he has done for me... So thank you Dad.
That is my Father not a mexican gardener! :)
Sharing our love of T-bones and clearly I was obviously destined to be with a T-rex (see who is sitting on my high chair table... a T-rex - for those who don't know T-rex=Trent.)
Dad may have wanted a son first?
3 of the 4 kids & Dad.. Guess which ones me!? Scruffy in the purple/white jumper? YEP!
Dad & Mum
Dad doing what he loves. He loves fishing!
Dad and me at Deb'.
At my engagement party!
Mums birthday!
Working hard...
Please Poppy... let me scratch and ruin something?
Dad teasing Mishka

My Father believing he is incredibly smart as he out-foxed my sisters Fathers day gift... One of those mind puzzle things (that I can never do...)
The 4 main men in my life (5 if you count Duke)... Dad, Lachlan, Tristan & Trent.
Dad & Trent enjoying the christmas spirit...
Trent telling possibly a spun yarn to my younger brothers who really don't look like they believe him!

Trent being a loving Dad, when I first got Mishka she would only eat if Trent held her!
He is always protective of her...
She really loves him as much as he loves her.
The love between Duke and Trent is crazy. They have a great bond... It's a pretty beautiful thing.
Then there were 2 dogs, Daisy is loved so much. The minute Trent found her on the highway he was in love...

The one he has impressed me most with is Paddington... He is loving, gentle & caring to him. I was surprised to see how amazing he is with him...
I really love him & think I am the luckiest girl in this world to have such a fabulous guy!

To all the Dads out there (especially mine) Happy Fathers Day have a brilliant day! And to my Dad Have a great day... x

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