Monday, 20 September 2010

Dreamworld - The 'Tower of Terror II' Re-launched party!

So the other day I got a phone call saying I had won some tickets to attend a launch party at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, it was a launch party for the new version of the ‘Tower of Terror’ appropriately named The ‘TOWER OF TERROR II”. Now I do not like scary rides at all, this one came out when I was quite young and we have been to this theme park a fair bit and I have only ever been on it once (last year, yes it took pretty much 12 years and Trent to get me on the ride). Now the changes to the ‘Tower of Terror’ are it’s faster, more details (lights/sounds) in the tunnel and the fact it now is in reverse!! So you shoot up backwards and face the ground while plummeting back to earth. All the ‘high-tech’ facts can be found HERE. So I took my sister (who is like the ultimate thrill seeker) and we made a good day of it! We hit the surf outlet stores on the Gold Coast before heading to the event and we picked up some great bargains!! The event was awesome, free churros, cornettos, fairy floss & popcorn as well as standard launch party food & of course beer, wine (which wasn’t that great) & soft drinks! Not only was the ‘Tower of Terror II’ open, the ‘Claw’, the ‘Wipe out’ and the ‘Giant Drop’ were also open – all rides I stood and watched my younger sister go on – like hell was I going on any of those but the other ride I went on was the 'motor coaster' (it's like motor bikes that go around a rollercoaster circuit - not scary at all, I'm surprised it is classed as a 'thrill ride'?!). I proudly went of the ‘Tower of Terror II’ twice!! The first time we were the third car to ride it! I thought that was pretty impressive!! The first car was full of local celebrities (i.e.: football players, race car drivers, radio announcers & the CEO of Dreamworld). The 2nd car was just the eager beavers who beat us to the queue, but we were next and honestly I chickened out I was not getting in the car, I was almost in tears but then the whole car of people and ride attendants started cheering and telling me to get on (peer pressure much?) and considering the ride is over in about 25seconds I decided to get on; I am so glad I did (even though the first time I closed my eyes) it was loads of fun. The feeling of jetting backwards in reverse through a darkened tunnel with laser lights then shooting out the end straight up into the sky (100m upwards) then you just dangle there facing the ground for a few terrifying seconds (I did open my eyes and peek a bit then shut them; at this point I thought I was going to faint!) then you speed back to earth and back into the tunnel (which it almost seems like you won’t make it through) and it’s all over!! The second time I went on it I kept my eyes open the whole time! It was definitely an adrenaline rush and so fun!

So enjoy some of my snaps from the night
(PLEASE excuse the crazy hair it was all pretty - the 'Tower of Terror II' should be re-named the 'hair wrecker'!)

God put on a pretty impressive light show while we waited for the gates to open at 6pm!
Our ticket to get in!!
The drive down was average so we took photos :)
The thrill seeker!
The chicken!

Me in front of Dreamworld
Waiting for the gates to open!
Wine that tasted average... And I thought I liked most reds!?
Nova broadcasting live from the 're-launch'
The host of the evening...
some of the 'local celebs'
The 'Tower of Terror II' car coming down with the first riders in it!
Us after I faced my fears and conquerd the 'Tower of Terror II'
So we were bored and took some posing photos - clearly one of us can take an alright photo the other one maybe be braver but can't photograph for shit!
Dreamworld by night
Nikki on the 'Claw'
Nikki on the the 'Wipe out' I don't know if brave or stupid is the right word!! LOL
Nikki near her favourite part of the night - FREE ICE CREAM!
Yes I regularly eat fairy floss near large fake crocodiles...
We made friends on the ride... This was some of the people we went on the ride with!
Couldn't pass up some cheesey touristy pics - reason #21652 why I don't do insane rides they make me look like crap!! (messy hair, pale from freaking out and make up comes off!! - YUK!)
Nikki and some of our 'new friends' at Dreamworld at the end of the night!
Nicole and I at the end of the night + a photo bomber LOL

So all in all it was a great night I had a ton of fun (wish I wasn't so sick damn flu!) but I conquered a fear (kind of) had fun with my sister and did something different! Thanks heaps Dreamworld for a fun night!

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