Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Daisy and Duke puppy update!

hey all. Ok obviously I'm a little behind in the technological game but i just realised my phone can update my blog so hopefully this post works :) anyway on the puppy front: none yet. But they wont be far her tummy is bigger and firmer and she is starting to 'bag up' in the milk department. I found this old (& only) puppy pic of Duke if this pic is anything to go by these puppies will be adorable :) anyway I'm off to sleep as I'm already tucked into bed with Paddy night all. X


  1. Ha ha - yes the post did work. Its like waiting for Christmas isn't it, maybe even worse cos at least you know what day Christmas will be.

  2. She has just given birth this morning!! Will blog about it tonight!! :) All very exciting!!


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