Saturday, 4 September 2010

Count on a Canon - you can...

Hello all!
How are we? I was checking out my viewer stat's the other day and I've noticed I've had readers from overseas as well as good ol' Australia - dude if you are checking my blog would totally love to hear from you on what you think/what you would like to read more/less of & basically any thoughts you may have...
Anyway, Spring is so here, the weather has been so warm all week but as soon as the weekend comes it's overcast and cloudy (with rain forecasted) I think it's God giving me one last weekend with my lovely cold weather before spring/summer hits me fair in the face. I really am not a fan of grossly hot weather! Much prefer the cold... But spring is nice (spring = my birthday!!)
Speaking of birthdays my present I got a whole month early (the canon camera) is FANTASTIC!!
Well here is a quick taste of some of the photos I have been busily snapping lately. I love my new Canon camera it's amazing!! I have so much fun learning all the new settings, learning to manually zoom and adjust and I haven't even started on the editing yet!!
Enjoy. x
The first photo I ever took on my new camera - the gorgeous man who gave me the camera :)
First photo Trent ever took...
Mr. Paddy having a good ol' scratch!
Mishka choosing my favourite book ever - 'Belinda the cow' (first book I ever borrowed in grade 1 - guess why?... Possibly as it has my name in the title!) LOL
My sisters turtle is a pretty cool little guy to take photos of...
Trent bought me the most lovely flowers the other day, I think they photograph beautifully.
Trent testing the camera out in the dark.. Pretty damn awesome!
I call this photo 'sniff'
My beautiful Daisy-May
Poor Ozie was so sad after a nasty green ant bit his little paw!! Poor Whimpers! :(
Spring has sprung which means tons of weeds/flowers to take photos of!
Paddy and I testing the canon out to see if it can do a decent mirror shot - affirmative it can!


  1. Hi Bella, I'm one of your over seas visitors who found your blog while browsing - I like it very much because I enjoy seeing and reading about your animals, especially the dogs. In general I just enjoy reading what people get up to in different parts of the world during their everyday lives - a bit like visiting a neighbour really. I'm sure you will like your camera, I think Canon are very good and there is no doubt it takes lovely pictures.

  2. Hey Rob!
    Wow thanks - I truly was not expecting any replies... But thanks...
    Oh I love my dogs so much as well, our pets really are our lives for now (well until we have "proper children")...
    Wonderful meeting you... It kind of is like meeting new neighbours!


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