Sunday, 1 August 2010

WinterBeatz; FatMan Scoop, T-pain, Ne-Yo & DJ Nino Brown...

Hey All!!

So this is the story from our WinterBeatz adventure...
Last Saturday Nicole and I had a sleep in (like normal!), then woke up & started rushing about trying to get ready, doing hair and makeup and changing outfits a few times trying to find the perfect outfit for WinterBeatz (not to dressy & not to “I wish I was a gangsta” – we weren’t aiming to get in a fight LOL). Anyway... We finally were happy with our outfits (I feel my outfit was very "bling bling" & very appropriate for an "R'nB" concert!!) , snapped a few photos togethers and then piled into Trent’s ute for the 2 ½ hour trip down to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre for the concert (oh I won tickets to this event – it’s not something I would normally attend, but hey the tickets were free so I figured why not go!) So we arrive & get dropped off and as we walk towards the gates I realise there isn’t a HUGE crowd at all, (the last concert I went to was Taylor Swift & it was sold out and totally packed). So I think to myself oh maybe people will come later on or we are early? So we stand in the short line waiting for the gates to open observing all the people that are there; obviously the stereotypical people who would go to an “R’nB” concert were there in their baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts & sneakers, young kids, bogans (yuk) and overly tanned tiny outfit wearing girls (some who shouldn’t wear such tiny outfits!) & may I add it is winter here in Australia so it’s not freezing cold, but it was pretty damn cold and some of the girls were wearing dresses the same size as singlet tops!! Some people just have way too much confidence. Anyway we get into the centre and head straight to the box office where I am to collect my tickets – then there is some confusion (luckily I bought the promoters number who got me the tickets), then that got all sorted out & we went to the bar to purchase some overpriced alcoholic beverages! After some drinks we head into the concert area and find our seats, my first thought – wow they should try to group everyone into a more smaller area (it was really spread out as not a lot of people were there – so there was silver seating up the top, gold seating where we were & then the mosh pit – the smart thing would’ve been to bring everyone close together so it didn’t look so empty or hire a smaller venue!!) But anyway our seats were pretty good. The show kicked off with DJ Nino Brown, then some “R’nB” group from Melbourne (I think), then FatMan Scoop came out he was pretty good and got the crowd pretty pumped up for T-pain who was a pretty good act to watch (I knew some of his songs from bartending back in 2007, so that was fun!) & then Ne-Yo came out and performed (he was good & Nikki and I knew some of his songs too!) We left before the concert ended simply because as Ne-Yo was still performing & we didn’t know the songs he was performing and we were super tired (it was after 11pm & he still had a long car trip home!). So we headed off to find Trent in the car park! And that was our WinterBeatz adventure – it wasn’t too bad, but I much preferred the Taylor Swift concert. That is much more my style. It was an ok concert but I am very glad I didn’t pay for the tickets!

So here are some photos from our “gangsta” weekend...
Nikki and I before heading off...
Nikki & Oswaldo the spotted hound.
Me with my babies (of course we took pet shots!)
The Noodle
Myself... "Girl can you say BLING BLING!"
Nikki, Paddington & myself (& no Paddy didn't attend the concert Trent baby-sat him!)
On the trip down...
Waiting on the steps of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
The standard shoe shot...
The bathrooms are designed by PINK the singer :) Pretty awesome!
Overpriced drinks mmm...yummm
mmm... over priced Jack Daniels
The Noodle looking all pretty!
Us with our tickets at door 7!!
We were pretty damn gangsta - ba ha ha... JOKING!
Nikki and I....
Nicole at WinterBeatz
My shiny sparkly "Bling Bling" heels at WinterBeatz
The bogans in front of us at WinterBeatz

FatMan Scoop! He was actually pretty damn good & didn't stop running around the whole time & was pretty funny!
T-pain was great... I knew some of the songs that bought back some Rockhampton Night clubbing memories of dancing all night!
I'm on a boat....
My Noodle and I!
NE-YO performing...

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