Friday, 27 August 2010

This weeks favourite things!!

Hi all,
How are we?
Each week I like to think of the top 5 (or there abouts) things that have made me smile. It can really put a spin on a super crappy week (not that mine was, but it does help me stay positive!)
Anyway here is my top 7 (in no particular order!!);

1. Getting The Blind Side on DVD (FINALLY!!) I love LOVE love this film it's the most amazing movie & if you haven't seen it get your butt to the DVD store and rent/buy it!!
2. Paddington Melon; my little wallaby honestly brings me soo much joy. He really is hard work but so damn worth it (especially his little hugs)
3. Alize - this blue fruity tasting alcohol that is often sipped by the famous in Hollywood (& has a Hollywood price tag too!) is quite a delicious drop that I sometimes have instead of good ol' J.D or red wine. LOL
4. Being surrounded by the most lovely pets, it's a little bit of a circus here sometimes having 1 turtle & 1 fish, 3 dogs, 1 cat & 1 wallaby... But they really make us all smile and I am a huge believer in pets are good for you.
Mishka sleeping in my bed...
Daisy and Duke all snuggled in bed on a cold Toowoomba night!
5. Living with my sister; it's going suprisingly well (we haven't killed each other yet) and have some really nice days together in fact....
6. Tomorrow (Saturday 28th August) Nicole and I are having a "girly day" which I am quite excited about. Trent and the ManRat are venturing off down to Ipswich/Willowbank for Power Cruise (a car event I won 4 passes too, I kindly gave them to Trent so he is going with his mates!) Boys day for them, girl day for us. Our girly day so far includes; a massage, movie (Step-up 3D - which normally I wouldn't see but I did win tickets to see it... So better not waste them!), maybe some wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping, hopefully checking out some invitation stores for inspiration on wedding stuff & to finish the night, off to dinner somewhere nice!
7. This blog by Vintage by Lou Lou, I am honestly such a HUGE fan of Victorian Houses in America (my dream home) I think they are just so charming and gorgeous! And this blog is right they really do look like wedding cakes! Stunning!!
Well that is all from this blogger.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I know I sure will!!


  1. Thank you Bella. I'm so happy you love the lanterns also :)
    And yes in complete agreement over how gorgeous the houses are.
    Also wanted to mentioned that I love Di..licious your previous post. One of my favourite places to eat cake.
    Mwah xx

  2. Hey!!
    That's is quite ok...
    I LOVE those lanterns... Thanks for the blog love, Di..licious is adorable!!


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