Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sight seeing, Melbourne adventures & a fabulous friend.

Our Melbourne Adventure continues after searching around the markets in the morning we head to Flinders St Station where I was meeting one of my dear friends who lives in Melbourne – the lovely Miss Ally. This girl is so amazingly awesome, so I was super excited to see her! We met up and headed off to lunch down an alley way – it was so cool to being shown around Melbourne by a true “Melbourne Girl”. Just let me fill you all in on a bit about the fabulous Ally, this girl is the kindest person & such a beautiful lady, she gave me the confidence to start this blog (& helped me out with the first one, proof reading and giving me tips) she has been a friend of mine since about I was 16/17 and we’ve always been in contact via one of the many social networking sites... I am very blessed to have met such a fun, positive and wonderful friend who has such an amazing spirit and is beautiful inside & out... She really is one of a kind. And WOW this girl is nice she is so complimentary and just so full of life and positive it’s really refreshing to hang out with someone like that...

She showed us the most unique & “street art” filled alley way; I believe it was near Degraves Street (which is also where we made Trent take about a billion snaps of us – also where I discovered Ally had the coolest camera, it has like a “colour grab” function... so the cool black & white with one colour photos on here; all the credits go straight to Miss Ally!). She was such a delightful person to catch up with; she even showed me one of her favourite designer stores “Alannah Hill”. This store was absolutely gorgeous (very Bella in Bindyland...)! I picked up the cutest blue little long sleeved top and a STUNNING head band (which I wore to Trent’s Pop’s 80th birthday party!). After we raced to get back to Flinders St Station after our impromptu mini shopping spree, we said our goodbyes & hopes to see each other again soon & we raced to catch our train back to Beveridge.
When we got home it was the official family catch up dinner, which was full of so much emotion, love, happiness and just fun. Such a wonderful night!
The lovely Ally captured this tourist shot of Trent and I entering Degraves St. My fav' Melbourne pic!
Trent & I.
The fabulous Ally and I (I was dressed for warmth - she looks so damn fashionable and stunning!!)
Trent and I in the alley way...
Trent impressed by the art work...
Allys fabulous cameras colour grab function *JEALOUS*
Ally & I... (here comes a billion photos of us...)
The one day I forget my pretty umbrella - we could've had 2 umbrellas!!
I seriously am wishing for a camera with this awesome setting!
admiring some art.
Dud, I totally wish I could spray paint awesome... (I am flat out painting a sign with spray paint!)

Me in Melbourne (Ally took some cool snaps of me with her AWESOME camera!) and so Trent took some too (Trent pics are the more normal coloured ones!)
Me snapping that alley way shot ... :)
door way shots... (Those emo'ish kids scared me; talking about drugs and fake i.d's... yeah your cool?!)
In Alannah Hill after my purchase!!
Ally and I on a tram!! (thank you so much for such a memorable and lovely day... you'll have to come to Brisbane soon!)
Trent and I at the iconic Flinder St Station (thanks Ally for all these wonderful touristy pics!)
Trent and I in ... you guessed it - MELBOURNE
T-rex and I.
oh he really makes me smile...

Trents family was so lovely and I am so super grateful they are nice people.... We are both blessed to have pretty awesome families... Stay tuned for the final Melbourne blog - Pops 80th. It was such a lovely night.


  1. Love this entry, Miss B. I am very lucky to have a beautiful friend like you! Cheers to many more adventures.

    x Ally

  2. Thank you Miss Ally. It's my pleasure to write those true words about you. I feel so blessed to have met you & make sure you frolic on up to QLD soon!


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