Friday, 20 August 2010

Paddington Melon update - 20th August 2010

Hey all,

Just doing a weekly blog update (something I am going to try so much harder to do!!)... First up some Paddington-Melon news; I spoke to my wildlife carer mentor (the president of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society – Ruth) & she said Paddy is gaining weight in good time (he is now 1.8kg) and that I will probably have him until he is about 2.5-3kg or if he becomes too much of a handful for me... He then will go to Summerholme (about ½ an hour away from Toowoomba – more closer to Ipswich), where he will be with another little swamp wallaby and they will go into a slow release program together – which is the best option for rehabilitating hand raised wildlife. (They start off being in a pen during the day, and then slowly introduced to spending nights outside, and then the gate of the pen will be opened so they can come and go as they wish and then one day they may not come back or they could always return to around this ladies property... Ruth has a BIG eastern grey male kangaroo”George” that has always hung around her property – she hand raised him and slow released him) so really this is the best option for our little Paddy! I will be very sad to see the little guy go, but I know it’s the best option for him and it’s just ridiculous to think you could keep a wallaby as a domestic pet as he will always be wild and it’s the kindest thing for him & I will finally get a full night sleep... My sleeping pattern is a little broken at the moment as he is a nocturnal animal and likes to skip around the bedroom whilst we try to sleep (nothing like waking up in the middle of the morning with a wallaby sitting on your chest or getting jumped on while you sleep!) Caring for him is really tough and sometimes I have to be extremely patient with him, but I wouldn’t change anything, it’s very rewarding (even though wildlife carers get no money for what they do – which I think is ridiculous, stop giving the “dole” to losers who sit on their butts all day, give a small payment to people who put their lives on hold and care for Australia’s wildlife and pay for the resources out of their own pocket! – anyway that’s a whole other issue!) And I truly love this little guy he can be so sweet sometimes and other times well not so sweet, he has VERY sharp claws and HUGE teeth so when I am getting his bottle ready he gets very excited and tries to jump up my legs which results in bruising/scratches as he clings on with his teeth/claws! He now eats about 2-3 double pet food bowls of grass each day (& on some days a sprinkling of oats on top – he LOVES oats!) he is still on his bottle and 5 feeds a day! And I have just spoken to a Wallaby expert (well she’s been raising them for about 17years so I call her an expert!!) and she said what I am doing is great and only suggested that he can now have some grated sweet potato or guinea pig pellets! So YAY – it’s great to have a lovely support system when raising something for the first time! So that’s the latest on my little pip-squeak, if you have any questions please feel free to ask! He is so lovely and I find him so interesting and fascinating I really love doing this!
Here are some photos of my scampy little friend!! Enjoy. X
BIG teeth!!
snuggled in his pouch!

attacking my camera!
Are you boiling the kettle for bottle time? Ok ready to attack Mumma...
Please Mumma give it to me now!!
Ok what I climb your left leg?
Letting go finally (he has VERY sharp claws!)
finally... bottle time!!
nibbling some grass

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