Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Melbourne #3 - The birthday party.

Saturday night was the big 80th/50th birthday party for Trent’s Pop and Uncle. So we put on our nice clothes and our dancing shoes & headed to the bowls club (Trent’s Pop is the president of the bowls club!)... It was pouring rain as we left the house, but that didn’t affect our happiness levels – everyone was just so happy to be seeing everyone else. For me it was meeting a TON of people for the first time & for Trent it was catching up with relatives he hadn’t seen for about 3 or 4 years! So it was a really nice occasion. The party was lovely; lots of food, catching up, an awesome cake, a beautiful introduction to the “Ross” family for the whole party (I was even included!), an awesome slide show, some beautiful singing & of course lots of dancing!!! All in all a wonderful night... Here are some of my favourite snaps from the night. I would just like to thank everyone in Trent’s family for being so warm and welcoming... These people were so damn lovely and I can’t wait to see them again soon!!
My snazzy new Alannah Hill headband
Being silly - quack
Love this photo.
The standard toilet mirror photo shoot :) Love bowls club ladies bathrooms always so cute!

The wonderful cake
shiny disco ball...

Just dance...
Pop letting his birthday balloons go...
woops it was a windy night and they got stuck on the gutter...
Lucky Ben is tall!!
YAY the dark skies about an hour before we were about to fly out... (I am a nervous flyer in perfect weather LOL!)
Hello QLD... I missed you. Melbourne was lovely, but you are awesome.


  1. love the pics. you are a beautiful girl!

  2. aw thank you Miss Heidi...
    One day my blog may have the readership yours does :)

    Thanks for the love. xx


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