Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Melbourne #1. The flight, family introductions & seeing Melbourne for the first time!

Well I know this blog is sooo over due & I should’ve done it ages ago; but this is the “Bindy & Trent Melbourne Trip blog”... So Thursday morning we set off from Brisbane to Melbourne – not a terrible flight, but I did feel so sorry for Trent, I lovingly let him have the window seat (his brother was on the aisle – so I was in the middle...) & then the super polite gentleman in front of Trent leant his seat all the way back so poor Trent had no leg room – what a jerk!! I am not the biggest fan of flying – possibly because I over think everything, so I usually force myself to go to sleep, which was going quite well until a sudden jolt of turbulence woke me up... FUN! But apart from that it was good – I prefer to fly with QANTAS, so I enjoyed myself.

Anyway we arrive into Melbourne around mid morning & the temperature difference is obvious; it’s a lot “fresher” than QLD. But I love the cold so I was in my element! So off we set to go meet Trent’s Nan & Pop & the rest of the family (at this point I am fairly nervous – I’ve never met any of these family members before besides on Facebook!!). And not surprising his family is so lovely & very welcoming... We stayed at his Aunty Margaret’s house (who has surprisingly a lot of similarities to my Mum – 4 kids, same bathroom accessories, the same book on horses, same little sign in the toilet... I thought it was a funny coincidence). We had some curry for a late lunch (at this point I should mention Trent’s family is Indian...) & I trusted Trent to taste the curry & determine whether or not it was spicy or mild (the family was saying mild, but for people that eat a lot of curry – well maybe so...) – let’s just say it was a few notches above my class of mild, but so damn tasty! Then more family arrived & it was more introductions and hugs and tears and screams of “We’ve missed you” “So nice to finally meet you” “look at how you’ve changed”. It was really quite beautiful standing back & watching it all happen. So Thursday night was a fun night of meeting everyone - & there are a lot of people! Trent’s Mums family consists of 7 kids! So all of their families & partners – WOW lucky I am pretty good with names! So after all of that we were exhausted & turned in for a good night’s sleep...
Friday was our trip into Melbourne day – very exciting for me as I’ve never visited Victoria before! So I rugged up in my new coat, R.M Williams sweater & new R.M boots, scarf & hat and set off into Melbourne via train with Trent, his brother Nick, his Dad & his Uncle Sergio. We got there and headed straight to the Victorian Markets and WOW these markets are amazing!! We got some American doughnuts – the yummiest things ever, they are like little jam doughnuts but have just the right amount of jam & it’s not too hot and they are covered in sugar – yuuummm his Dad and I went back for more like 3 times LOL! We looked around the markets in the clothing/accessories area, then the produce area & then the Deli – wow these markets are awesome Trent got a new pair of shoes (how unfair – I go to Melbourne & he gets shoes!!!) & we got a bottle of wine – Melbourne I am jealous of your markets! We saw many things at the Markets – the cutest though was dwarf rabbits at a pet shop near the markets – Damn you QLD laws not allowing me to own a bunny...
Stay tuned for blog number 2 on this amazing adventure where I meet such a dear friend of mine, who deserves a post all of her own... The amazing Miss Ally, the girl who gave me the confidence to start this blog...
Enjoy the photos of our first day and a half in Melbourne with Trent’s family and our sightseeing..

Just arrived in Melbourne waiting for our car...
Trents Pop is so nice and the BEST pool player ever... (he still lets the Grandkids win!)
Trent and I at Margarets... freeezzinngg...
A TRAM!! (Yes I'm from QLD we don't have trams...)
myself in Melbourne
The guys watching lollies me made at Suga in Melbourne
Of course Trent had to purchase some (I couldn't taste any, damn braces!!)
As normal always on squirrel watch!!
The Vic Markets and all it's craziness!!
Dwarf bunnies for $40... lucky I don't live down south I would have a billion bunnies!!
Me at the Vic markets

The T.rex and I at the VIC markets...
Oh my god American Doughnuts... these are so yummmyy. (yes I was freezing not needing to pee!)
I want this many dougnuts.. plleeasse!
oo me on a tram... (once again from QLD no trams up there!)
Flinders St Station - Melbourne
Some tourist shots!! :)
Then we found this random fake grass patch in the city! Strange.. LOL
Me outside one of the most stunning churches I have ever seen!

Inside the stunning church... it was HUGE
Waiting for Ally on the steps of Flinders St Station...

Stay tuned for Melbourne trip blog #2 with more photos and our adventure with Ally around Melbourne!

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  1. Hi Bella :)
    First of all that looks like one fantastic trip to Melbourne. I've only been there once myself and definitely wasn't long enough!!
    Anyhow I wanted to let you know that you were the lucky winner of my Robert Gordon lanterns give away so CONGRATULATIONS :)
    If you can email your postal details to would be fantastic.
    Lou xx


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