Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Hello all...
About a month before we left Ipswich for Toowoomba there was one place in Ipswich that I just had to check out – “Di..licious” it is located downstairs in the Old Flour Mill on Brisbane Street in Ipswich. This place is just so damn adorable & they sell CUPCAKES (plus other sweet treats!) It was so lovely and to make this place even more ideal for me it’s very pink!! I was in love with this store (I wished I could’ve stolen it and transported to my backyard so I could skip out each day nibble on cupcakes and sweet treats and bask in its pinkness!) This place looks like what I dream an average store would look like in Bindyland... So Trent and I visited this store and were greeted by such a nice and happy person we quickly picked out our cupcakes (white chocolate for me and chocolate/maltesers for Trent – not surprising!) and went and sat at the cutest little table setting (a PINK park bench)! And OH MY these cupcakes were so yummy I wanted more... Check out their blog HERE
And surrounding this adorable little store was more lovely little stores such as “Handmade Heaven” & “Yesterdays Collectables” where I picked up the cutest vintage squirrel & crystal ring holder (which I have been shopping for but not looking forward to paying $100 at Myer for)! This location is definitely one I suggest you check out, it’s so beautiful. I am glad to have visited before I left Ipswich, now that I am in Highfields – Toowoomba I have tons of these little cute coffee/chocolate/craft cottages right near my house! I love it!
Di..licious cupcakes!!
We were pretty impressed with our cupcakes...
The stunning setting
mmm... white chocolate goodness!
Trent and his Di..licious chocolate cupcake!
Such an adorable place
I REALLY liked this place... (so much so if they had squirrels running around it would be perfect!)
*Please note squirrels are my favourite animal & this place had no vermin running around anywhere...
See totally damn adorable!
Some of the cuteness in Yesterdays Collectables!
my purchases - a squirrel for the collection and a crystal ring holder


  1. Oh, thanks heaps for the plug. We are so glad that you had a nice time visiting the old flour mill.....What a wonderful blog and wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing and hope to see you back here again soon.

  2. Hey!
    That is no problem!!
    Thanks for the comment. The old flour mill is so cute! Will really try to visit when I'm in Ipswich next!
    Thanks for the blog love!!


  3. hey Bella - its Renee from Di..licious !! Thanks soooo much for loving our little pink shop as much as we do!! Is great to see we make people smile..

    Di & Renee

  4. That's quite ok!! It's was so lovely!!


  5. Hey B,

    Just doing a random blog read :)

    Did you know that second hand store closed down? :( also, Di...Licious have their own building now, near the showgrounds. It's a whole house of awesomeness. You can have high teas there :)

    1. Hey Love!

      YAY for reading random posts!

      Darn, it closed down? And yes, I remember you telling me about the new Di...Licious store! :)


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