Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spring has sprung with a surprise!

Well tonight is the last night of winter here in Australia. I am sure the coolness will stick around for a little while longer still, but already the days until about 2pm are much warmer and sunnier (today I wore a t-shirt & cropped jeans!)... Tomorrow spring is here and then it’s onto another ‘stinking hot’ Australian summer... I really am a winter girl I think, I love the cold. But nothing beats a lovely warm spring day (not disgustingly hot, just nice & warm) sitting in the sun, having a cool drink, playing with my pets, having a good conversation and taking nice photos (oh on the photo front I have some BIG new; this afternoon I got a lovely surprise – tell you the details soon!). I am very much so looking forward to spring/summer barbeques in the afternoon/late evening, oh and summer clothes I do like my summer wardrobe though; I have a HUGE supply of denim shorts (when I say HUGE I mean GIGANTIC!) I just got a new pair just this last Saturday from City Beach, they are small denim shorts with a white lace underlay – totally cute and cannot wait to wear those little beauties this summer (& hopefully at some point in spring!) with maybe my fancy cowboy boots – HA HA.

These are my new shorts - very cute I think.

Last night whilst randomly using Google (well a Kelle Hampton photo inspired me to Google ‘squirrels’ – check out her blog it’s amazing!), I discovered some baby squirrel photos & how damn cute are they! Why doesn’t Australia have a large supply of squirrels!? They are seriously without a doubt the cutest little furry animals... Check out these cute little guys, I wish spring time in Australia meant a surge of squirrels hurrying around everywhere... But for now I just look at photos... (*I also love spring it means lots of baby animals!)
This is Kelle's photo from her blog about her trip to New York that inspired me to google the squirrel pics!
But seriously how damn cute - I really wish Australia had squirrels.
I laugh at how cute these last two pictures are. Squirrels - worlds biggest posers!
*Squirrel thought confession for many years I've wondered if I can import squirrels to Australia? Is there a market for squirrels if I was to start a squirrel farm perhaps... I could shave them! Shave them and sell their fur so people could stop killing other animals for fur... Not shave them so I have a bunch of nude squirrels running around...  Lol... Just a thought.

Onto the camera news; this afternoon Trent came home and asked me if I wanted to go check out some cameras he had been looking at (for my birthday the number 1 gift I wanted was a decent camera!). So off we trotted to our local camera store to check them out and these guys had a super great deal going for a Canon camera (I wanted either a Nikon or Canon)... So we decided to get the Canon as it was more value for money. So I am now a proud owner of a brand new Canon EOS – 500D camera!! (The pack included; a tri-pod, Canon camera bag, 55-250mm lens, memory card, training session (online & in-store), filters & membership into a VIP club where I get TONS of free prints!) So I was pretty impressed with that extra loot & even more impressed with the price (it was a similar price to just the camera body alone at bigger stores, so for an extra $100’ish I got all the extra stuff!). So get ready to see some (hopefully!) good photos on here ASAP! I should probably mention a HUGE thank you to my lovely fiancĂ© Trent – thank you for my camera babe. Love you tons & appreciate all you do...

My lovely shiny new Canon... So very happy!! Expect TONS of cool photos to come soon!

So now I leave you with some “typical spring” pictures (all credit goes to the photographers/editors of these) & a few photos of Paddington enjoying his latest favourite food sweet potato (he likes it grated or in chunks!)
Aw even deer would be cute for spring time... (God, please take note of this & ship some new animals to Australia, even though I really love Australian wildlife squirrels & deer are VERY cute!)
Spring time = baby animals!! aww little pig!
Oi cat stop looking at my sweet potato!
nom nom nom - raw sweet potato... Love this little guy.
What a lovely image. (*credit to the owner) Very "spring"
Spring = beautiful flowers and green grass!

Friday, 27 August 2010

This weeks favourite things!!

Hi all,
How are we?
Each week I like to think of the top 5 (or there abouts) things that have made me smile. It can really put a spin on a super crappy week (not that mine was, but it does help me stay positive!)
Anyway here is my top 7 (in no particular order!!);

1. Getting The Blind Side on DVD (FINALLY!!) I love LOVE love this film it's the most amazing movie & if you haven't seen it get your butt to the DVD store and rent/buy it!!
2. Paddington Melon; my little wallaby honestly brings me soo much joy. He really is hard work but so damn worth it (especially his little hugs)
3. Alize - this blue fruity tasting alcohol that is often sipped by the famous in Hollywood (& has a Hollywood price tag too!) is quite a delicious drop that I sometimes have instead of good ol' J.D or red wine. LOL
4. Being surrounded by the most lovely pets, it's a little bit of a circus here sometimes having 1 turtle & 1 fish, 3 dogs, 1 cat & 1 wallaby... But they really make us all smile and I am a huge believer in pets are good for you.
Mishka sleeping in my bed...
Daisy and Duke all snuggled in bed on a cold Toowoomba night!
5. Living with my sister; it's going suprisingly well (we haven't killed each other yet) and have some really nice days together in fact....
6. Tomorrow (Saturday 28th August) Nicole and I are having a "girly day" which I am quite excited about. Trent and the ManRat are venturing off down to Ipswich/Willowbank for Power Cruise (a car event I won 4 passes too, I kindly gave them to Trent so he is going with his mates!) Boys day for them, girl day for us. Our girly day so far includes; a massage, movie (Step-up 3D - which normally I wouldn't see but I did win tickets to see it... So better not waste them!), maybe some wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping, hopefully checking out some invitation stores for inspiration on wedding stuff & to finish the night, off to dinner somewhere nice!
7. This blog by Vintage by Lou Lou, I am honestly such a HUGE fan of Victorian Houses in America (my dream home) I think they are just so charming and gorgeous! And this blog is right they really do look like wedding cakes! Stunning!!
Well that is all from this blogger.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I know I sure will!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Hello all...
About a month before we left Ipswich for Toowoomba there was one place in Ipswich that I just had to check out – “Di..licious” it is located downstairs in the Old Flour Mill on Brisbane Street in Ipswich. This place is just so damn adorable & they sell CUPCAKES (plus other sweet treats!) It was so lovely and to make this place even more ideal for me it’s very pink!! I was in love with this store (I wished I could’ve stolen it and transported to my backyard so I could skip out each day nibble on cupcakes and sweet treats and bask in its pinkness!) This place looks like what I dream an average store would look like in Bindyland... So Trent and I visited this store and were greeted by such a nice and happy person we quickly picked out our cupcakes (white chocolate for me and chocolate/maltesers for Trent – not surprising!) and went and sat at the cutest little table setting (a PINK park bench)! And OH MY these cupcakes were so yummy I wanted more... Check out their blog HERE
And surrounding this adorable little store was more lovely little stores such as “Handmade Heaven” & “Yesterdays Collectables” where I picked up the cutest vintage squirrel & crystal ring holder (which I have been shopping for but not looking forward to paying $100 at Myer for)! This location is definitely one I suggest you check out, it’s so beautiful. I am glad to have visited before I left Ipswich, now that I am in Highfields – Toowoomba I have tons of these little cute coffee/chocolate/craft cottages right near my house! I love it!
Di..licious cupcakes!!
We were pretty impressed with our cupcakes...
The stunning setting
mmm... white chocolate goodness!
Trent and his Di..licious chocolate cupcake!
Such an adorable place
I REALLY liked this place... (so much so if they had squirrels running around it would be perfect!)
*Please note squirrels are my favourite animal & this place had no vermin running around anywhere...
See totally damn adorable!
Some of the cuteness in Yesterdays Collectables!
my purchases - a squirrel for the collection and a crystal ring holder