Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Update - 14/July/2010.

Hello readers (I’m still wondering if people actually read this!)

Anyway; we have successfully moved into Highfields (we are renting with my sister & her boyfriend!)... We’ve had a full on couple of days of moving over the weekend and packing/unpacking/sorting since Sunday. So it’s nearly all done!! YAY!! In bigger news our Holden EK safely made it up the Toowoomba range – not a bad effort for a pretty old car... Mishka is also feeling better (thank GOD!). In even bigger news; yesterday I was just chilling out with Nikki when my phone rang... It was a lady from some competition I had entered the day before – I won gold tickets to WinterBeatz 2010 – WinterBeatz is kind of like an RnB concert with a bunch of artists performing – not something I would personally buy tickets for, but hey free tickets to a cool event; of course I’ll go!! And this time I am taking Nikki; as concerts and rap/RnB music really aren’t Trent’s cup of tea. So next Saturday Nikki and I will dress up in our finest gangsta apparel and set off for a night of rapping and awesome RnB tunes... (joking I won’t really dress gangsta... but I’ll let you all know how it goes!). We are both a bit nervous about heading to a concert all on our own – as she has never been to one and I’ve only been to one with Trent and it was a Taylor Swift concert... Not the craziest of concerts LOL. Also on the topic of competitions my 50” plasma arrived and has been unpacked as has the Wii I won – totally awesome; love both of them!! Just now to buy a TV unit for the plasma (at the moment it’s perched on one of my vintage dining tables!!) & purchase the Wii fit!! I cannot wait for that – hello wedding fitness, here I come!

Paddington is growing bigger each day. He is still on 5 feeds a day... He is so lively and has the funniest personality & I think I can safely say; if you met him you would fall so in love with him. He is very cute & still skips around following me and chases the cat (poor thing!).

Nikki and I successfully made our first ever lasagna together last night – it was delicious.

Anyway I must be off a few more boxes to sort out and just a little more of my room to organise and it’s all done YAY! Today is such a nice cold, windy & rainy day. It’s so damn lovely – I love the cold. (Jeans, jumper, long sleeve shirts, scarves, hats, big coats - oh the fashion is so nice for winter!!)...
Until next time...Seeya!!
B. x
Paddy & I enjoying snuggles.
Our EK - NOLEEA made it up the Toowoomba range!! YAY
Paddy & I & the new TV...
Paddy & I.
The new TV on it's vintage stand until we get a new one LOL

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