Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Paddington Melon update!

Hi all!

How was everyone’s weekend? Well mine was full on. We did 2 truck loads & 1 Ute load from Ipswich to Toowoomba over the weekend – I am so exhausted!! Moving house + cleaning + looking after a baby wallaby + a sick kitty = total stress & exhaustion. Luckily my sister helped out and watched Paddy for a few hours so we could focus on moving.

On the topic of my furry little bush baby – he is going well! He is eating, drinking, skipping around & going to the toilet very well and appears to be very healthy. There has been a slight plan change, at the end of spring or when he reaches about 3kg; he will go to Summerholme (which is about 25 mins from Ipswich and 40 mins from Toowoomba). There is a lady there who has another little wallaby about the same age. So once they are about 3kg they can go into a pen during the day together and start preparing for the slow release and just be “wallabies”. And the good thing here is he can be slow released from her home. So one day when they are big and strong and independent enough the lady can open the pens gate and they can come and go as they like and then one day perhaps they won’t return because they have become fully independent and can live on their own (in some slow release cases the animals will regularly for the rest of its life keep returning to the carers home – so perhaps he may do that). It will be very sad for me to give Paddington up as I really care for the little guy and Trent and I are quite attached to him. But this is the best thing for him to go back and live a life out bush; where he is meant to live and can be 100% happy and free. It would be very cruel to try and keep him as a pet. So for now we enjoy each day with him and are thankful we get the chance to care for him! (At the moment he is curled up in a tiny ball inside my jumper sleeping – he is very sweet, he also loves to be snuggled & if I leave the room he will skip all the through the house looking for me... so lovely!) I just had a meeting with the president of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society today and she said he looks great!! So I am very pleased with myself.

Anyway I thought I would just let you all know how he is doing and Mishka I think is slowly getting better (she seems to have some diarrhoea, which is strange – but could be from stress of us packing everything up, who knows but at the moment her diet consist of boiled chicken & rice – spoilt kitty having cooked meals!!) But if anyone knows of any advice for cats with diarrhoea – please suggest away! If she doesn't improve by Friday I guess I'll take her to the vet (I've already rung them & they said everything I am doing is correct!) So I am praying she recovers, so far today she has made no messes - so YAY!
 I know I keep saying I’m going to write all these fantastic blogs – I really want to! It’s just time... ARGH!! But once we are settled up in Toowoomba & I have internet on up there (I don’t believe Vodafone works up there...) the blogs will be coming at you left, right and centre hopefully. Until then, be happy!


My little pip squeak!
Just some of our stuff packed!! Tons of crap!! LOL

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