Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cold days, recipe books & hot drinks!

Hi all!
How’s everyone’s week so far? Well on the weekend Nicole & I headed off to WinterBeatz in Brisbane – it was good (a blog to come...). Today in Highfields the weather is how I like it – cold, rainy, misty/foggy and just a nice day for jeans, jumpers and slippers. I had my list of jobs to do but they went out the window today (how on earth can I clean a shower in such lovely weather?) Anyway after a cup of coffee this morning & feed time with Mr. Paddington (who is growing bigger and stronger everyday – his limit for jumping is almost non-existent this little tiny animal can spring leap onto almost anything!) I set off to do the mind-numbing task of vacuuming... Not a favourite household chore but it has to be done. Then for lunch I got a little healthy & creative and made the yummiest chicken salad (lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, cheese, cucumber and sliced up chicken nuggets!!) – quite delightful!
I received a nice surprise today; I got 6 CDs from the company who gave me the WinterBeatz tickets (there was a bit of confusion with our tickets on the night). Not that I am a major fan of any of these CDs but hey – they maybe good!
So what else to blog about, well as far as exciting news goes; not much to tell! LOL. Trent is enjoying his new job, living with Nikki and the Man-Rat is going well, we have sorted/packed/stored away all of our things and decided whose plates/blender/mix-master/frypan/fork etc we will use... Always a fun task! We are planning to get Miss Daisy de-sexed shortly as much as we tried to keep them apart Duke & Daisy had their wicked way (she is just too much of a temptress skank!) & we can’t have her getting pregnant to him (the puppies would be “bored shepherds” & probably too big for her to deliver) & every 6 months this would a ridiculous circus of tying them all up; so the best idea is to have her de-sexed as we don’t plan to breed with her anyway (even though she is a lovely dog) & from what my vet told me, de-sexing a female dog is the safest bet for a long healthy life.
Just the other day Nikki and I set off for an exciting adventure (well kind of) to check out the new “Trade Secret” store in Toowoomba – it was good, these stores are awesome... The one in Ipswich is slightly bigger (well the home wares section was – the section I like!) but I still picked up a few goodies; a stainless steel paper towel holder ($2.95), a new kitty litter scooper ($7.95), some card making stickers ($1) & then we headed onto Target to check out the mega toy sale I picked up a Wii Fit cover & yoga mat (Sonic the Hedgehog style) & a Toy Story 3 limited edition Barbie!! (I really wanted the Barbie/Ken pack but it was a bit to $$$ or the “Barbie loves Woody” doll – but they had none - & yes that name is a little strange...)
So as I type this I am patiently waiting for Trent to come home... Looking forward to dinner tonight; I am thinking chicken something – either butter or apricot chicken – YUM!! Always yummy on a cold night! (Though his Mums pumpkin soup would go down really well to, but I don’t know how posting soup from Ipswich – Toowoomba would go or posting soup at all would be good! LOL.) It is still drizzling rain outside so maybe a cup of tea is in order – tea on cold days & mornings is just so damn lovely. I love sipping my tea as I thumb through my countless cooking books, searching for new recipes that catch my eye or trawling through new blogs or re-reading old favs'.
Anyway that’s the update for this week... I’ll put the WinterBeatz blog/photos up in a few days... I am trying to blog more!! I swear it’s just tough not having my own internet but we are getting ours shortly (hopefully Telstra broadband with the T-Hub phone bundle!) So now I leave you with a few photos...

Ps - please vote for my kitty Mishka in the Whiskas cat competition!! I will love you forever if you do! Click HERE to vote ...
My gorgeous baby girl Mishka!!  Vote for her HERE
"I'll get you piece of grass - I'll get you"!
I wake up to this little cutie every morning. He is so lovely.
This is how it looked this morning - beautiful!
Some snaps of Duke this morning!
Oswaldo this morning!!
My beautiful skanky dog!! LOL
The swing in our yard, looks magical I think!
My cat has a thing for my Wii fit (see my Sonic the Hedgehog protector & yoga mat!! Very cute!)
The CDs I won (any opinions of any?)
The salad before chicken
& with chicken - so damn yummy!
My new Barbie & a sneak peek at some of my collections (a blog on that topic to come soon!)
The new very cute kitty litter scoop!!
Some of my cook books
And a few of my books that make me smile!! (I love coffee table books - I have so many!)

That is all for now. I'm off for a warm shower & then into the kitchen to start some relaxing & cooking :)
Enjoy your evenings.

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