Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cold days, recipe books & hot drinks!

Hi all!
How’s everyone’s week so far? Well on the weekend Nicole & I headed off to WinterBeatz in Brisbane – it was good (a blog to come...). Today in Highfields the weather is how I like it – cold, rainy, misty/foggy and just a nice day for jeans, jumpers and slippers. I had my list of jobs to do but they went out the window today (how on earth can I clean a shower in such lovely weather?) Anyway after a cup of coffee this morning & feed time with Mr. Paddington (who is growing bigger and stronger everyday – his limit for jumping is almost non-existent this little tiny animal can spring leap onto almost anything!) I set off to do the mind-numbing task of vacuuming... Not a favourite household chore but it has to be done. Then for lunch I got a little healthy & creative and made the yummiest chicken salad (lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, cheese, cucumber and sliced up chicken nuggets!!) – quite delightful!
I received a nice surprise today; I got 6 CDs from the company who gave me the WinterBeatz tickets (there was a bit of confusion with our tickets on the night). Not that I am a major fan of any of these CDs but hey – they maybe good!
So what else to blog about, well as far as exciting news goes; not much to tell! LOL. Trent is enjoying his new job, living with Nikki and the Man-Rat is going well, we have sorted/packed/stored away all of our things and decided whose plates/blender/mix-master/frypan/fork etc we will use... Always a fun task! We are planning to get Miss Daisy de-sexed shortly as much as we tried to keep them apart Duke & Daisy had their wicked way (she is just too much of a temptress skank!) & we can’t have her getting pregnant to him (the puppies would be “bored shepherds” & probably too big for her to deliver) & every 6 months this would a ridiculous circus of tying them all up; so the best idea is to have her de-sexed as we don’t plan to breed with her anyway (even though she is a lovely dog) & from what my vet told me, de-sexing a female dog is the safest bet for a long healthy life.
Just the other day Nikki and I set off for an exciting adventure (well kind of) to check out the new “Trade Secret” store in Toowoomba – it was good, these stores are awesome... The one in Ipswich is slightly bigger (well the home wares section was – the section I like!) but I still picked up a few goodies; a stainless steel paper towel holder ($2.95), a new kitty litter scooper ($7.95), some card making stickers ($1) & then we headed onto Target to check out the mega toy sale I picked up a Wii Fit cover & yoga mat (Sonic the Hedgehog style) & a Toy Story 3 limited edition Barbie!! (I really wanted the Barbie/Ken pack but it was a bit to $$$ or the “Barbie loves Woody” doll – but they had none - & yes that name is a little strange...)
So as I type this I am patiently waiting for Trent to come home... Looking forward to dinner tonight; I am thinking chicken something – either butter or apricot chicken – YUM!! Always yummy on a cold night! (Though his Mums pumpkin soup would go down really well to, but I don’t know how posting soup from Ipswich – Toowoomba would go or posting soup at all would be good! LOL.) It is still drizzling rain outside so maybe a cup of tea is in order – tea on cold days & mornings is just so damn lovely. I love sipping my tea as I thumb through my countless cooking books, searching for new recipes that catch my eye or trawling through new blogs or re-reading old favs'.
Anyway that’s the update for this week... I’ll put the WinterBeatz blog/photos up in a few days... I am trying to blog more!! I swear it’s just tough not having my own internet but we are getting ours shortly (hopefully Telstra broadband with the T-Hub phone bundle!) So now I leave you with a few photos...

Ps - please vote for my kitty Mishka in the Whiskas cat competition!! I will love you forever if you do! Click HERE to vote ...
My gorgeous baby girl Mishka!!  Vote for her HERE
"I'll get you piece of grass - I'll get you"!
I wake up to this little cutie every morning. He is so lovely.
This is how it looked this morning - beautiful!
Some snaps of Duke this morning!
Oswaldo this morning!!
My beautiful skanky dog!! LOL
The swing in our yard, looks magical I think!
My cat has a thing for my Wii fit (see my Sonic the Hedgehog protector & yoga mat!! Very cute!)
The CDs I won (any opinions of any?)
The salad before chicken
& with chicken - so damn yummy!
My new Barbie & a sneak peek at some of my collections (a blog on that topic to come soon!)
The new very cute kitty litter scoop!!
Some of my cook books
And a few of my books that make me smile!! (I love coffee table books - I have so many!)

That is all for now. I'm off for a warm shower & then into the kitchen to start some relaxing & cooking :)
Enjoy your evenings.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Update - 14/July/2010.

Hello readers (I’m still wondering if people actually read this!)

Anyway; we have successfully moved into Highfields (we are renting with my sister & her boyfriend!)... We’ve had a full on couple of days of moving over the weekend and packing/unpacking/sorting since Sunday. So it’s nearly all done!! YAY!! In bigger news our Holden EK safely made it up the Toowoomba range – not a bad effort for a pretty old car... Mishka is also feeling better (thank GOD!). In even bigger news; yesterday I was just chilling out with Nikki when my phone rang... It was a lady from some competition I had entered the day before – I won gold tickets to WinterBeatz 2010 – WinterBeatz is kind of like an RnB concert with a bunch of artists performing – not something I would personally buy tickets for, but hey free tickets to a cool event; of course I’ll go!! And this time I am taking Nikki; as concerts and rap/RnB music really aren’t Trent’s cup of tea. So next Saturday Nikki and I will dress up in our finest gangsta apparel and set off for a night of rapping and awesome RnB tunes... (joking I won’t really dress gangsta... but I’ll let you all know how it goes!). We are both a bit nervous about heading to a concert all on our own – as she has never been to one and I’ve only been to one with Trent and it was a Taylor Swift concert... Not the craziest of concerts LOL. Also on the topic of competitions my 50” plasma arrived and has been unpacked as has the Wii I won – totally awesome; love both of them!! Just now to buy a TV unit for the plasma (at the moment it’s perched on one of my vintage dining tables!!) & purchase the Wii fit!! I cannot wait for that – hello wedding fitness, here I come!

Paddington is growing bigger each day. He is still on 5 feeds a day... He is so lively and has the funniest personality & I think I can safely say; if you met him you would fall so in love with him. He is very cute & still skips around following me and chases the cat (poor thing!).

Nikki and I successfully made our first ever lasagna together last night – it was delicious.

Anyway I must be off a few more boxes to sort out and just a little more of my room to organise and it’s all done YAY! Today is such a nice cold, windy & rainy day. It’s so damn lovely – I love the cold. (Jeans, jumper, long sleeve shirts, scarves, hats, big coats - oh the fashion is so nice for winter!!)...
Until next time...Seeya!!
B. x
Paddy & I enjoying snuggles.
Our EK - NOLEEA made it up the Toowoomba range!! YAY
Paddy & I & the new TV...
Paddy & I.
The new TV on it's vintage stand until we get a new one LOL

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Paddington Melon update!

Hi all!

How was everyone’s weekend? Well mine was full on. We did 2 truck loads & 1 Ute load from Ipswich to Toowoomba over the weekend – I am so exhausted!! Moving house + cleaning + looking after a baby wallaby + a sick kitty = total stress & exhaustion. Luckily my sister helped out and watched Paddy for a few hours so we could focus on moving.

On the topic of my furry little bush baby – he is going well! He is eating, drinking, skipping around & going to the toilet very well and appears to be very healthy. There has been a slight plan change, at the end of spring or when he reaches about 3kg; he will go to Summerholme (which is about 25 mins from Ipswich and 40 mins from Toowoomba). There is a lady there who has another little wallaby about the same age. So once they are about 3kg they can go into a pen during the day together and start preparing for the slow release and just be “wallabies”. And the good thing here is he can be slow released from her home. So one day when they are big and strong and independent enough the lady can open the pens gate and they can come and go as they like and then one day perhaps they won’t return because they have become fully independent and can live on their own (in some slow release cases the animals will regularly for the rest of its life keep returning to the carers home – so perhaps he may do that). It will be very sad for me to give Paddington up as I really care for the little guy and Trent and I are quite attached to him. But this is the best thing for him to go back and live a life out bush; where he is meant to live and can be 100% happy and free. It would be very cruel to try and keep him as a pet. So for now we enjoy each day with him and are thankful we get the chance to care for him! (At the moment he is curled up in a tiny ball inside my jumper sleeping – he is very sweet, he also loves to be snuggled & if I leave the room he will skip all the through the house looking for me... so lovely!) I just had a meeting with the president of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society today and she said he looks great!! So I am very pleased with myself.

Anyway I thought I would just let you all know how he is doing and Mishka I think is slowly getting better (she seems to have some diarrhoea, which is strange – but could be from stress of us packing everything up, who knows but at the moment her diet consist of boiled chicken & rice – spoilt kitty having cooked meals!!) But if anyone knows of any advice for cats with diarrhoea – please suggest away! If she doesn't improve by Friday I guess I'll take her to the vet (I've already rung them & they said everything I am doing is correct!) So I am praying she recovers, so far today she has made no messes - so YAY!
 I know I keep saying I’m going to write all these fantastic blogs – I really want to! It’s just time... ARGH!! But once we are settled up in Toowoomba & I have internet on up there (I don’t believe Vodafone works up there...) the blogs will be coming at you left, right and centre hopefully. Until then, be happy!


My little pip squeak!
Just some of our stuff packed!! Tons of crap!! LOL