Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wedding date decisions and wedding excitement!

Hello all! I know I said I would blog about my wedding planning, but I really haven't blogged about it at all as I really haven't done much. So here is an update of what I so far have done...
Well, my wedding has been moved forward from September 3rd next year to July 30th next year. Why may you ask would I bring forward my date, making me have to organise a billion things like 2 months earlier? Because someone and we shall call her “Cody” (I found out this was her name and I will never name my children “Cody” now... Not that I was going too, no offence to any “Cody’s” reading this). Anyway this “Cody” girl – booked my reception venue on my wedding date! Argh! Bitch! Anyway after a frantic call to Mum who couldn’t even bargain the date back of the wedding venue (even though the lady was very nice and rang “Cody” who wouldn’t change it!). So after much deliberation I had to find another number that meant something to us, 30 was good (30th of April is Trent’s birthday, mine is the 30th of September). So 30th of July 2011 was chosen! Yes I realise that July is winter time and it will be a chilly wedding and we had to move my time forward to a 1pm wedding (I really didn’t want to do this, but to get good sunset photos one has to be prepared...) So now the church is booked & the reception venue have been booked for the 30th of July 2011 at 1pm. I am quite excited; it’s all finally starting to feel real. Now just to organise decorations, flowers, pick bridesmaids & oh the all important job of finding my perfect princess wedding dress! So still tons more to do. I just went to a very nice wedding on the weekend for some our lovely friends Roy & Lisa it was very nice... It made me get super excited for our wedding!! Anyway here are a few snaps I look at every now and then that always get me super excited about our big day which is about 1 year and 1 month away...
I love this picture - I think I want "statement" shoes for my wedding, like a bright stand out color that really "pops" under my white dress...

I LOVE my engagement ring, everytime I look at it I still get this silly feeling of YAY I'm getting married. I just got it all cleaned up by Wallace Bishop today for our Melbourne trip on Thursday.
I think this photo is stunning, I really want a beautiful long veil.
At our wedding we want our "pooches" included in our pictures...
One of our wedding cars will be the pink EK (we want pictures with it as it is our own car)... The EK will probably the guys car.
I really want a vintage rolls royce as my car that Dad and I arrive in & Trent & I leave in... <3 They are just so classic and ever so beautiful! So anyone in Ipswich/Brisbane area that knows of anyone with one - LET ME KNOW!!
I love these cute wedding photos. Looking at them now is so exciting because I am really getting married and I don't look like some weirdo thumbing through bridal magazines or scrolling through bridal blogs. Because now I have reason too!! :)

I really am not sure who took all these photos - but I love them all. I just really found them on google/photobucket. So credit goes to each person who owns these pictures. They are so stunning & they each make me VERY excited!!!
So on Thursday I am off to meet Trents Mums family who live in Melbourne so it will be chilly and an experience for me as I have never been. So I'll try and do another blog before I leave.

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