Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Moving, Packing - oh isn't it fun! - NOT.

Well, I have some news...
Trent was offered a job up in good ol' Toowoomba (it's a job he has wanted for some time)... So we are now doing a quick move up there... (moving a whole house in like 2 weekends!!) We are planning too (if everything works out all good) to rent with my sister and the Man-rat until about September when maybe we will have found a place of our own.
This is a really good thing for us, we get to be closer to my family and Trent will hopefully enjoy his job and Toowoomba is just a nice place...
So with the good comes some bad; this means as we are moving into more of a "town" area, we must say good-bye to Grace & Tres' our two lovely goats. So one of our friends has found them a home & hopefully they'll be very happy there... But we will miss them - especially Gracey-Lou; who is very, very social (I almost think she thinks she is human!!)!
Anyway I have now the very FUN task of packing our whole lives into boxes... argh - one task I HATE. So much to do & so little time... So I thought I would just keep you all updated...
Trent & I are moving from Ipswich to Toowoomba & hopefully it will be another positive step in our lives. It'll be sad not being close to our family & friends down here but it's only an hour away & we are hoping to catch up with everyone for a dinner before we head off...
Anyway; the boxes are sitting in the lounge waiting to be filled... (I've only done most of the kitchen & the lounge - that leaves a study, guest room, spare "junk" room, bathrooms & our bedroom/ensuite/walk in robe & laundry to pack!!!) ARGH - the stress of it all...
We will very much so miss our lovely home, we really loved it here.. & how peaceful it was. :(
Duke and Daisy new "yard mate" Oswaldo!
Dino & Brutis Mishkas new "house mates"!
Our new house mates - Noodle & Man-rat!
The two family members we have to say good-bye to! :(
She is such a cool goat & so wonderful to photograph!! <3

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