Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Introducing you all to Paddington Melon.

So there has been A LOT of speculation and assuming with the word “baby” and “bindy” this past week and a half. Possibly because of my endless Facebook status updates saying my “baby” is doing well/this and that... Well it is true; I do have a baby... Not exactly what you think though...
Paddington is real he does exist, in the form of a baby, but a baby “Black Pademelon” or “Swamp Wallaby”. So I was never lying; I always was truthful. I am in fact his legal guardian now. If I wish to I can keep him in my care for roughly another 6 months (or until he reaches 5kg), then he will become a part of a slow release program out at Warwick. Paddy came into our care by Trent finding his Mother on the side of the road (dead from an obvious car accident)... He saw its little tail flopping about/hanging out of the pouch, so he pulled over to see what state the baby was in. He was pretty average in condition. But we got him the right formula and teats/bottle (thanks to my Mum for her help there). And started feeding him, toileting him (baby macropods need their cloacae stimulated/massage so they go to the toilet after their feed and not all over the house!) and caring for him. Just today I was finally able to get out to the president of the “Ipswich Koala Protection Society’s” house and meet her and introduce her to Paddy. I was a bit unsure as to whether or not I would be able to still care for him (as there are many rules and regulations regarding wildlife care) but she showed me how to properly care for him (she was quite impressed that I knew how to do most of this already!) and gave me the registration form for Trent and I to become a member of the “I.K.P.S”. So now we are officially “registered wildlife carers”. YAY; this means I can legally care for Paddington as well as almost any other Australian Wildlife excluding koalas, fruit bats and echidnas. So Paddington is officially my little adopted son. He is about 8-9 months old (which means he would’ve just been starting to hop out of Mums pouch), he is fully furred (this makes caring for him so much easier) and he weighs 1.2kg! I am very happy and excited to have him. And trust me it’s not all fun like “oh I have a pet Skippy” it’s damn hard work. 5 feeds a day, toileting, caring for a nocturnal animal and making sure all his needs are met and he is safe 24/7. Pretty damn exhausting, I guess its good preparation for a baby; even though I think a baby will be easier to care for. I’m pleased to be a part of the “I.K.P.S”, it gives me the possibility to if I want care for other injured/young wildlife and conservation with our native animals is something I am quite passionate and interested about. I also think it is a very rewarding hobby. A hobby is what it is. I receive NO money or form of payment, no member of the “I.K.P.S” does. It’s fully self funded; so in order to care for Paddington, I need special teats, bottles, formula, food, old towels, pillow cases, heat pads and TONS of tissues (for toileting)...
Paddy is a really lovely little guy. He skips after me and he makes the strangest little calling sound (I will try and record it one day to let you all listen!) He loves snuggles in bed with me and chasing/punching/jumping on Mishka (Mishka obviously isn’t a fan of these activities or being pushed aside from being the baby of the family). Over this past week I’ve grown quite attached to him as I think he has to me, but I know a slow release program in the near future is the best possible outcome for him. We are very happy to be given the privilege to be able to care for and love him until he is ready for this next big step in his life and I really pray he makes it (as the carer explained to me, sometimes they are fine and just randomly die for unforeseen circumstances that sometimes can’t be prevented). Obviously I will be keeping you all updated on his progress. And we pray he goes really well!
The first day I got him!
Looking out the window.
He loves jumper snuggles...
Feeding time...
The VERY GLAMOROUS job of toileting Paddy.
Paddy in his basket
BIG feet
Trent feeding Paddy
Skipping in Nikkis yard.
Mishka haning out with Paddy. (one of the moments Paddy wasn't trying to kill poor Mishka!)
Paddington & I
A big rat sleeping on my bed
Snuggles... Trent really likes him.. A LOT!
my camera obsessed swamp wallaby Paddy!!
Kisses for Mumma
His feed for tonight...

Well that's your introduction to Mr. Paddington... Isn't he just lovely. Well I think so. And if you a curious about the name we named him "Paddy - Melon" (pademelon)... But he needed a formal name - Paddington!!..
Anyway - hope no one is too disappointed that I really didn't have a real baby. That will be hopefully next year... LOL...
Night all. x


  1. So beautiful, I see how it will be hard letting him go~Lisa

    I am all a twitter about life

  2. Oh yes, he is like my little baby. I love him very dearly and letting him go means I loose all control of his future :(
    But I hope he gets to live a good & healthy life! x


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