Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Daisy-May, officially part of our family now.

Hey All,

Just a quick note to let you know the other day we officially registered Daisy as a part of our family. After searching for her owner, calling the local council where we found her countless times and getting our local vet to try and try to track down her micro-chip number and having no luck and speaking to the Australasian animal registry we came to a decision that obviously no one was looking for her and that we could keep her. (All parties we dealt with agreed this was the best situation as if we took her to the pound and wasn’t reported missing or claimed she would be put down in at least 48 hours!). So we waited over the weekend in case anything else popped up (nothing did). So we got online and paid our $8 and registered our details onto her micro-chip. So we would like to officially welcome Daisy-May into our family. She is such a beautiful dog and I feel very lucky to have my name on her micro-chip! She is such a smart and wonderful dog and Duke is really quite smitten with her.

my boys love her
Hearing Mishkas little bell.
I love her...
Trent is so in love with her...
She is so smart, she does this a lot. But she is so gentle, you can barely feel her weight when she jumps up (but then again she is only 15kg!!)
Daisy-May & I
Such a beautiful dog.
Welcome to our family Daisy. <3


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  1. Hey Bindy, I am passing on the love with a blog award for you... http://kyladoesstuff.blogspot.com/2010/06/oooh-looka-blog-award.html


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