Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bunya Mountains; Wallabies & water falls & walking OH MY!

After our exciting visit to the Cuckoo clock centre the other weekend we kept driving on towards the Bunya Mountains about 90 minutes past Toowoomba. This place is like a much smaller version of Mount Tambourine. It has beautiful rainforest walks, waterfalls and the cutest collection of wildlife (a HUGE supply of wallabies!!). This place felt very magical. So after a quick lunch and a drink we set off on one of the shorter walking trails (we picked this track as we hadn’t really planned our day that well with time and it was getting late in the day and the longer track was just over 3km!!) So off we trekked to our water fall destination (it wasn’t a huge gushing fall but it was cute). Along the way I channelled my inner ‘greenie’ and stopped and hugged some trees and I hugged with no prejudice; I hugged skinny trees, fat trees, ugly trees, really weird trees and even REALLY fat trees. All in all Trent thought I was a major weirdo. Anyway, this trip was really relaxing and we are so going back for a proper visit next time, not a few hours in the afternoon! It really is quite stunning and I do suggest that you head on up in you are ever in the Toowoomba area...
Trent working out the route - he is good for things like that.
The view on the drive up there... Pretty sensational.
Apparently the Bunya Mountains has something do with healing or "the healing hands"... Cool statue.
Pick a town any town. Lol.
There is a bird feeding section there, I was going to go over a feed them but it was jam packed with tourists...
I caught a butterfly...
Then I let him go...
The rainforest looks very "Australian - Twilight'ish"
A mossy log and I... It all felt very "Twilight" & I'm not really a fan. I've seen both movies but that's it... I'm no "twi-hard" but this place feels almost magical...
This made me feel very "Fern Gully" finding a Bindy size swing...
Fine Trent you can try the swing too...
Me in the forest.
Trent & I. <3
It's always good to take someone who is "easy on the eye" for long walks/car trips. Makes it a lot more pleasent. My "easy on the eye" companion - check!
This place was pretty sensational...
Trent looking like he was photoshopped into these photos - but he wasn't!!
Posing it up in the rainforest. But what self respecting photo loving blogger wouldn't pose it up in these beautiful surrounds?

Scrub turkey or as my little brother called them when he was young "rubber turkey"
Yep, I'm a "tree hugger"...
Skipping through to hug another lonely looking tree.
These tree's are MASSIVE
Hugging a skinny mini tree.
Hugging a slight weird medium sized tree.
Hugging the FATTEST tree ever.
It was insanely big!


Trent channeling his inner Tarzan.
Getting all "Fern Gully"
The scenery was pretty damn sensational... A cross between "Fern Gully" (one of my fav' childhood movies) & a little twilight'ish.
And absolutley everywhere there were wallabies!!
I was trying to edge closer to pat/catch one - attempt unsuccessful.
They have the most stunning bungalows at the Bunya Mountains and the front yards are littered with wallabies. It's so peaceful and very beautiful.
Drive carefully and slowly up around there... Lots of little wallabies that don't know their road rules!!
Heading home...

The Bunya Mountains are really quite pretty and a very relaxing place. I cannot wait to go back... Click HERE to go to the Bunya Mountains official website.

Love you all...

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