Saturday, 8 May 2010

Vintage Pin Curl hair tutorial....

Hello lovelies.
I often get asked on my Facebook and by random friends how I do my curls... I often wear my hair in curls and they tend to last all day & night if I need them too. So how do I do them? Vintage pin curls are the trick. I’ve tried curling wands, hair straightners to curl with and any other method. I’ve tried it all. The only other thing I have found that works just as effective is a vintage steam curling set my Nin (Nanna) gave me... But it’s a bit tough sleeping in them, so for me the Dolly Pegs work a treat.
The steam curlers my Nin gave me...

Dolly Pegs!!

In this blog I will do a step by step tutorial but I’ve also made a video for YouTube for this. SO CLICK HERE -> Vintage Pin Curl Video Tutorial.... I really love this method of making curls. Almost everytime I go out I will do my hair like this as unlike heating products it doesn't damage my hair or the curls don't drop and sag... (I often wake up in the morning after a night out with my curls still very curly!) So I really hope this works for you...

To start with you will need some supplies.
- Hair brush
- Comb
- Blow-dryer
- A Dolly Peg
- Hair spray
- A hair tie/ Hair separator
- Bobby pins
- A large square head scarf
- Smoothing serum or a light leave in hair conditioner

Step 1:
Brush out your hair making sure there are no tangles/knots.
Step 2:
Section your hair into halves, I always start from one side on the bottom and work my way around.
Step 3:
Take the section of hair you are about to curl and run the comb through it making it smooth and knot free... * Remember; the smaller the section of hair the tighter the curl, the bigger the section the looser the curl. I like mine tight and springy so I use smaller sections*
Step 4:
Take the DOLLY PEG and slide it onto the bottom of the section of hair.
If you don’t have a DOLLY PEG, simply curl the bottom bit of the hair onto the length of the hair like a coil of rope.
• * The direction in which you roll is up to you! Through trial & error I have realised I do mine randomly = random curls! That's just a personal choice with the curls, once you've done this a few times, you'll work out how you prefer your curls! *

Step 5:
Now loop the hair around the peg as if it was a curler.
If you have no DOLLY PEG, start rolling the hair up like a snail.
Step 6:
Once you have rolled the curl up to your scalp, hold one side with your thumb whilst slowly pulling the peg out. Remember to hold the curl very secure, if it slips out you will have to start all over again!
Step 7:
Take a bobby pin and slide it into the “barrel curl” securing in place. This should only take one bobby pin depending on the direction in which you rolled the curls and how heavy your hair is.
And TA-DA now you have completed the first roll. Now to keep going. This curling method will honestly give you the best arm muscles, my hair is pretty long and it kills my arms when I have to curl it...
Step 8:
Now repeat steps 3 – 7 until you finish the bottom level of your hair.
Step 9:
Separate the top section of your hair into halves.
Step 10:
Repeat steps 3-7 on the top layer now!!
Step 11:
When you have completed your whole head into “barrel curls” take your hairspray and very lightly spray the curls. If you do the hairspray too heavy your curls will have a “crunchy” effect and not a cute look.

Step 12:
Take your square head scarf and wrap it around your curls. (I will do a video tutorial on how to tie the head scarf shortly...)
Step 13:
Take your blow-dryer (I use a diffuser on mine – because it distributes the air more easily) and heat up the curls... (I do this straight away after I put the head scarf on and about 10 minutes before I need to take them out...) * Keep the head scarf on whilst blow-drying to avoid frizzy gross curls! *

Step 14:
Go to sleep, go about your day (yes I bravely went out to take Trent to the doctors in a hot pink head scarf the other day with my pin curls underneath...), have breakfast whatever. When you’ve woken up or finished doing what you do take the head scarf off and start un-pinning.

Step 15:
The un-pinning technique I use is simple; remove all bobby pins and let the curls fall as they do, once all pins are removed I run my hands gently through my hair to separate some of them, then flick up head upside down and shake the hair and flick it back (it seems to create a little more volume in my hair?)
Step 16:
Take a tiny tiny amount of hair smoothing serum/conditioner/whatever you use to smooth out fly a ways and lightly run your hands over the curls smoothing out any frizziness!
Step 17:
Style in your desired way. (I blow-dry my fringe and do some light teasing at my part and pin my hair back...)
Step 18:
Ta-da you’re done... Now take pictures of your effort, email them to me Vintage Pin Curl Tutorial, tag me in them on Facebook/Twitter anything, I want to see your attempts and results... If you need any help email me or Facebook me!! This hair style is super easy and so effective. But please keep in mind I am NOT a hairdresser and am in no way claiming this is the best way to do this, this is just how I like to do my hair. I find this way works best for me. It may work for you or with some slight tweaking it may work better for you. But I do hope you find this useful and check out the video on YouTube as well click HERE 
 Thank you for reading dolls!!
Let me know how you all go.


  1. Such a cute tutorial! I love your hair, it's so pretty ^_^

  2. Thank you so much!!! <3 xx

  3. LOVE the pics, you gorgeous girl. x

  4. And very generous of you to reveal your beauty sources. x

  5. this is the stupidest shit ive ever seen. get a life

  6. "anonymous" - wow. Thank you.

  7. Lol, possibly because I was using my ensuite... :)

  8. I am so trying this bindy... I'm sh*t at doing my hair, so any tips and step by step tutorials are greatly appreciated!!!
    I will let you know how I go!!! (no doubt it will be a disaster...LOL)

    Meg Stehbens

  9. Hey Meg!!
    Thanks for the love (sorry I found the comment so late!!)

  10. I'm definitely going to try this!
    My problem with curling is that I always have the dents at the bottom, this obviously wont give me dents. Thanks! :D

  11. Awesome... I find they give me perfect bouncy curls... glad I could help

  12. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I have naturally wavy hair, so it curled amazingly. It'll definitely stay like this for a while. XD Seriously - my hair is about four inches shorter than it was before I did this. =p


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