Sunday, 16 May 2010

Trent turns the big two one.

Trent had his 21st a few weeks ago (Friday the 30th of April to be exact). He thought we were just doing a small family dinner at the local football club & that Outback Spectacular had been his “big celebration”... Well his family and I had something else up our sleeves. For me this was a huge deal, I don’t enjoy lying to him at all, so for almost a month I had to play dumb and keep a big secret (not my strongest quality; lying/not telling Trent something) – his surprise party. Everything went to plan; he only caught onto the plan when we pulled into the parties’ venue... He was surprised and loved it. For his birthday I bought him a very snazzy Armani watch. (Spoilt much?)

He loved his birthday celebrations and was quite impressed by me keeping such a big secret... I really am a terrible secret keeper when it comes to things to do with him! For example; his original birthday present (the box set of House M.D 1-5) arrived a month early and I could not keep it from him at all (we are now up to season 5!), so he was pretty shocked to learn that I didn’t let it slip at all! We are very grateful that everyone we care about showed up to help him celebrate the big two one! I’m so glad he enjoyed the night and his gifts. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the night! (yes his arm is in the sling because he had a fall the Tuesday before his birthday, still currently undergoing physio... )
The Present.
The birthday boy.
Checking out the gifts...
Laughing with my parents (fav pic!)
The cake
Cutting his 21st cake!!
My family & I!

Have a great week. x


  1. Congrats on keeping that secret ;)
    You and Trent look so happy together. All the best for you two!


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