Monday, 17 May 2010

Sick of being sick.

So what to blog about tonight? Hmm... the joy of sitting in a physios consult area watching him “massage” Trent’s shoulder muscles with tiny volts of electricity coming out of rubber cups that leave delightful red alien like circles on his shoulders? Hmm... No I shall spare you that one. The joys of helping my family move into their fancy & very pretty newly built home? No, not this week (that blog will be coming once I have taken the “final” house photos!). How about how much I enjoy being deathly ill at the moment? Ok I am not dying, but I sure feel like it. It started off with the flu and now it’s this annoying cough that will not kindly piss off. Oh I hate being sick, I am sure no one enjoys it but I really hate it. It makes me tired and more cranky than usual (yes, I often have a short fuse when it comes to complete idiots). Like really, I can’t do anything. Updating Facebook seems tiring. Bleh – I really dislike this illness crap. Especially in winter, now don’t get me wrong I LOVE winter, I love wearing winter fashions and being all cosy and the snuggles that come with the cooler weather but the one thing I hate is the coughs, cold and flu’s it brings out and lucky me I have been sitting in Doctors waiting rooms in Ipswich with Trent lately which equals sick me! I felt a little better on the weekend for a short while but I am 90% that was just a mental thing of being “back at home”. Being “home” with Mum always makes anyone feel well again. Oh well, I shall live. I thought I would give you all an update on life at the moment; I shall be working on some hopefully “cool” blogs soon. My restoration of my 1950’s table, my latest vintage score off of my Mum (I scored tons of cool stuff by helping her pack up the house!! & even discovered some of my old favourite things), my cards I've been making, my wedding planning and my new boots (oh and how I love them!!).

Until next time; I hope this flu & cough doesn’t find its way too you, it really sucks! Let me know if you have any blog suggestions!

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