Tuesday, 6 April 2010

T.rex & Bindys Sydney Trip

Sydney trip. Well as far as first impressions go, WOW the fumes. GROSS. It was busy, our hotel was in the China town district, very few people spoke strong English and we were lost. Fair to say the first day was a little daunting and not that idyllic. Night time though was fabulous, nothing beats going to a music industry party with “record company people” and meeting famous singers, my favourite radio announcer and Miss Australia and some lovely “normal” people. The next day was jammed pack with sightseeing (whilst being a little seedy, damn that music industry party with its free flowing red wine). We saw the sights – the Sydney Harbour bridge, the Opera House, the harbour area and the old colonial area called “the rocks” (where my Mum’s Dad use to hang out when he was younger... that was kind of neat, walking the streets where perhaps he use to walk... it was a nice connection). But would I ever live there? I think not. I loved the weather, nothing beats cool climates where I can wear jeans, scarves, boots, coats and whatever else I desire, but I am not a fan of the busy streets, hectic traffic and smog. Give me that climate in the country, I will love it. Anyway for the few people who read this and are much too lazy to peruse my Facebook photos here a few (ok a fair few) photos of our adventure... (Please note I really dislike the people who get on my Facebook – look at all my photos and choose not to comment at least one, it’s rude...) Anyway... here for your enjoyment is a picture summary of Trent & my trip to Sydney to meet Gabriella Cilmi and Jason Derulo... (If you are confused as to why I went to Sydney or how I got the tickets please read a few blogs back...) ENJOY

PS – there are also videos of the event on the Facebook. xx
Nioce - hotel room at the Novatel Rockford at Darling Harbour
China Town lion & I
Trent & China Town
Singing in the rain...
Ok more like posing in the rain then singing
I was freeezzing & had to do my make up = Hoodie + socks
Getting ready....
Outfit!! - Jeans; J.U.N.K. corset; Kitten d'amour (sex kitten) Heels; peep toe Jacket; Jays Jays
T.rex & I
Trent & I with Gabriella Cilmi in the background
Miss Gabriella Cilmi performing.
Trent & I with Gabriella
Signing our CDs for Trent
Gabriella and I. - She was lovely...
Trent and I. <3
The event was at the PowerHouse Museum in Sydney = awesome photo props!
Trent & I
The darling radio announcer who tweeted me that lovely & inspirational tweet (read a few blogs back..)
Jason Derulo and I.

Jason Derulo performing.. Awesome. A little Michael Jackson esque with the whole glove thing...
Promo girls handed out Easters Eggs and headphones - odd but wonderful combination
Jason Derulo and I.
Former Miss Australia - Erin Mcnaught & I 
Ajay (Hot30 promo guy!) and I
Trent & I with Ajay and Anne & Mark (lovely people!)
Packed up... Ready to sightsee then head back to Brisbane!!

Us & the Sydney Harbour Bridge..
Freeezzing on the ferry.. But us and the bridge again!
Trent & I at Watsons Bay...
Us at Watsons Bay...
Lovin' the random places to take photos <3
The Sydney Opera House...
The My Little Pony Coloring book I bought because my flight home was delayed half an hour LOL

Well there we go, a  new blog on my Sydney trip. Enjoy. Comment.
Today I have to take Mishka to the vet to be desexed :( So stressing out a bit as a normal Mumma would LOL. Easter post will be coming...
Thanks for reading...
xx .B

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